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Timex IQ+ Move Hybrid Smartwatch – a very pretty fitness tracker

The hybrid smartwatch has always paid off due to its classic looks, due to the fact that beauty emerges against function in most cases. Like Misfit, Fossil and others, the Timex IQ+ Move is the watchmaker’s move into the connected future fusing classic smarts with classic looks. When you desire something on your wrist with some kind of connectivity, you will have to accept that the only people that will appreciate your sartorial choice are the one that like fashion over function.

The hybrid smartwatch is more like a proper smartwatch meet basic fitness tracker. Although compared to the likes of Withings Steel HR now owned by Nokia and even the Hugo Boss Smart Classic. It does not have a couple of things solidly but notification is not one of them. The watch comes in two sizes with a range of different materials and colour and is available for $150 only. The Timex hybrid has good looks with a nice design and like the most hybrid it gives away very little in terms of its connectivity. There are two models, a 41mm body and a smaller 37mm version which comes in a 20m band and 18mm band respectively. They are both water resistant up to 50 meters or a pressure up to 5 ATM, however, the leather strap is not really suitable for such.

All the models come with an alloy with varying finishes with a nice and thin case that give an all-around aesthetic.There is a sub-dial at the bottom which gives it away as a smart device. The sub-dial acts as a progress bar for a distance or step goal depending on your settings in the app. The crown at the side serves as a button for checking the date or turning on the backlight. It can also be pulled out to set the watch manually like in mechanical watches, however, you can also calibrate the hand in the app as you will have to during the setup.

As long as the Timex smartwatch is synchronised to your phone, it will automatically correct itself as you move from one time zone to the next when you are travelling. On a second-push of the crown, the warm not too bright indigo-backlight is on and that fills the face evenly. the minimal amount of tech allows the smartwatch to stay svelte and maintains it looks as a conventional watch.

The step tracking is pretty accurate although it is not perfect but it is close which is better than some other smartwatches. However in terms of distance tracking, it is way over the mark, this can be tuned at the app settings by adjusting the fitness tracker by a positive or negative percentage. Sleep tracking is also unexpectedly accurate within a 10-15 minute average difference in total sleep time.

The app is pretty basic, the home screen displays the progress you have made toward your goal like distance, step calories and sleep goals. Tapping on one of these features will bring up a chart which is presented by hour, day, week, month or year.

What is The Current Timex IQ+ Move and Availability Status?

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