Top 5 Cricket Games for iPhone/iPad 2024

Cricket games are sometimes overlooked or ignored, but the best cricket games can give you many hours of fun. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world with England being the mother of it, and India, it’s Mecca. With these cricket games on your iPhone, you can enjoy the sporting world of cricket at your fingertips.

Be part of the excitement and display your skills with the excellent cricket games listed here. You’re sure you can be the MVP of a cricket match? Discover now your proficiency with these top cricket games we’ve dug out for you that features quality graphics and exciting gameplay.

Top 5 Cricket Games for iPhone/iPad

  1. Real Cricket™ 17

1 real cricket

Something that impresses us with Real Cricket is its realistic atmosphere so it really answers to its name. The developers developed the game with the true essence of cricket in mind. With high-quality graphics, you can actually feel playing in a real-world stadium among top players. The sound effects also add to the game excellent attributes. The gameplay is an easy one and you can start your own Premier League team through Premier League Auction or you can play a mini world cup against all the major teams in the world.


  1. Smashing Cricket

2 Smashing Cricket

If you’re crazy about cricket, then you should play this game. It combines 3D graphics with an intriguing concept to give you the best of cricket experience. Take the game to your friends and other players and win titles. Play your best and win tournaments. You can check out how far your towering sixes have gone using the high-score mode. It provides you with a realistic feel with accurate bowling controls. Much more, you can keep tab of your stats so you can improve.


  1. Stick Cricket

3 Stick Cricket

This game is very popular, simple, well developed and easy to play. Stick Cricket’ s cutesy, the cartoonist is more popular anongst the young cricket fans while older fans play more of the major tournamenr that is about winning about 14 other teams to claim the trophy. You’ll be put in charge of a team and your job is to hit sixes and throw the goodies to reign in the world of cricket. You can play the multiplayer mode using same WiFi network or Bluetooth.


  1. World Cricket Championship 2

4 World Cricket Championship 2

Take your cricket playing passion to the next level with this fantastic 3D cricket game. Playing this game will allow you to do things like 69 scintillating shots like upper-cut, helicopter shot and Dil-scoop. You can change the look of your players by customising them. Cheer your team players with banners that are personalised. Featured on the game are eight different bowling actions. The game contains 18 international teams and 24 domestic teams so you should be ready to spend many hours playing.


  1. Cricket WorldCup Fever

5 Cricket WorldCup Fever

Indiagames Limited developed Cricket WorldCup Fever with it offering cricket in full HD graphics that features high quality 3D players and stadiums you haven’t see. It features 14 teams, 6 stadiums & 3 difficulty modes, ball-by-ball analysis, Scoreboard Analysis and replay mode, making it close to watching a real match as you control your team. The game had simple controls to enable you to enjoy the game to the fullest.


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