Twitter to Build Audio Chatrooms by Acquiring Podcast App Breaker Team

It is time for Twitter to do something more interesting. The internet giant has been catering to the needs of millions for years through the use of text. Although users can post video files, they will soon be able to do more.

That is why the company is acquiring the team behind Breaker, a podcast app that has been giving online communities useful services since 2016. Twitter had done a test of the audio-enabled chatrooms feature recently. The company called it ‘Spaces’.

Since the company belongs to Twitter now, It will shut down operations in the middle of January to focus on what comes next, as the CEO Erik Berlin said. He claims that his team is now inspired to go further in re-imagining how people communicate with one another, beyond the scope of traditional podcasts.

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Twitter has already invited guests for the testing of Spaces. But at the moment, it isn’t clear what type of technology Twitter will require Breaker to build. However, the new product is recognized by some to be the future of audio conversations.

The Breaker team said it is truly passionate about audio communication and that they are inspired by the ways in which Twitter is facilitating public conversations for people on a global scale.

Even though people may be interested in finding a new podcast listening app, Berlin said his team believes that apps have improved so much since 2016 when the company commenced operations. He also alluded to the effectiveness of Breaker, saying that if any apps are hosted on it, it could quickly be moved to another platform.

That signals the end of the road (with Breaker) for those who host their apps on Breaker. They have to find new homes for their app.

Twitter Spaces is intended to make it easy for Twitter users to talk directly with a group of people. According to the Breaker team, the experiment focuses on the intimacy of the human voice.

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