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UHANS Max 2 – Immersive Gaming Experience on A 6.44” Screen

As a 6.44 inch phablet, UHANS Max 2 not only take charge of bringing more convenience and comfort to video-watching but also meet the demands of more flexible and immersive gaming experience.

Fortunately, even though that the phone comes with a gigantic screen, the manufacturer has not compromise in offering it a Full HD display. Indeed, UHANS Max 2 performs pretty well in presenting in-depth and sharp graphics. Check the hands-on video which is about gaming experience on UHANS Max 2.

It is noticeable that a bigger display plays a great role both in providing great vision and flexible field for the hands to move around. It perfectly handles various games such as car racing, multiple fighting, Pokemon and so on. Compared to the smaller ones, on a 6.44” UHANS Max 2, far more spacious room is provided for observing the incoming scene, and the players can move ahead more strategically. No dynamic images are blocked by the control panel or hands. What’s more, 4GB RAM also gives it a big favour in dealing with even graphic intensive games. It ensures you a smooth and humanised gaming experience.

All in all, the 6.44” sized UHANS Max 2 is designated for game players who want to enjoy a more relaxing and immersive atmosphere while in casual. Moreover, the good news is that the UHANS Max 2 will be released in September, for more updated news about price or promotion, stay tuned to TL.

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