UMIDIGI video highlights advantages of dual VoLTE in its A1 Pro, Z2 and Z2 Pro models

UMIDIGI has recently launched 3 devices with support for 4G dual, capable of using 4G signal and VoLTE on both SIMs simultaneously. The models are the A1 ProZ2 and Z2 Pro.

For the A1 Pro model, the company started pre-sales in April, while Z2 will win a pre-sale event in June. Now the brand has demonstrated the dual function VoLTE and announced the launch of the A1 Pro Platinum Edition.

Since carriers in several countries are upgrading their equipment to support 4G coverage exclusively, devices will need to support VoLTE to make a phone call. In places where only the 4G network is provided, a device with 4G dual support can continue browsing the Web and downloading while receiving a call.

In the promotional video, a file download is stopped on the device without 4G support when it receives a phone call. In UMIDIGI devices, the process is completed without problems.

In addition to the video, the company finally made available the A1 Pro in its silver version. At the launch, UMIDIGI reported that the model would come in the colors Black, Blue and Platinum, but in the pre-sale, only the blue and black versions were made available.

Now is the time for those who wish to purchase the silver version during pre-order. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition and will begin shipping this Monday (28th) on Gearbest. The UMIDIGI A1 Pro is available exclusively on Gearbest for a promotional value of $ 99 (about N36,000 in Nigeria currency).

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