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#TakeCharge; the Infinix Note 4 is closer than you think! See Images & details

Laaaaaaaaaaadies and Gentlemen! Infinix Mobility is here again!

As you all know it, the Infinix Note 3 was a hit. It still is! Large 6.0-inch screen, multipurpose and quick unlock fingerprint scanner, great camera, monster battery and Quick charge like we have never seen before. Users of the Note 3 smartphone device can say more about the device in affirmation to its uniqueness and quality in the comment box.

Now, while we are still busy basking in the greatness of the Note 3, Infinix is pulling a fast one on us by teasing users with pictures (or should I say renders) of the Infinix Note 3 successor; the Infinix Note 4. With the hashtag #TakeCharge being used in the online promotion of the upcoming device, Infinix is definitely coming with a bang with the Note 4.

Upcoming Infinix Note 4

Although we have speculated what the Infinix Note 4 could be like and the specs/features it could launch with in this article, our ears are still stuck to the walls ans every other available sources for more information we can garner about the upcoming Infinix Note 4. whispers We even think the Infinix Note 4 would launch alongside a PRO version.

Upcoming Infinix Note 4
Great design with 2.5D glass

Infinix wants you to take charge of your world with the upcoming Infinix Note 4.

Upcoming Infinix Note 4

The Infinix Note 4 will have powerful camera that you have never seen before. #TakeChargeOfYourSelfies

You wouldn’t have to worry about running out of battery juice. A BIG 4300mAh battery is in charge. #TakeCharge

Although there’s a big battery, the power adapter will charge your Note 4 to the 100% battery mark in no time.

0% to 45% in just half an hour?!? Don’t you find that stunning?

Albeit the Note 3 came with a bigger battery; 4,500mAh, I can’t help but to wonder why the Infinix Note 4 will be launching with a lesser battery capacity (4,300mAh). And lastly, of particular interest is the presence of a home button which doubles as the upcoming Note 4 fingerprint scanner. First time we’d see such on an Infinix smartphone.

There are surely still a lot more details that’s yet to reveal about the upcoming Infinix Note 4. But sadly, this is all we are cognizant of for now. As soon as new info pops up, be sure you’d be updated accordingly.

In the mean time, always remember to #TakeCharge of whatever it is you are doing.

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  1. I do not understand why note4 is coming with a lesser battery and same camera on note3.Anyway maybe this will enable the price to be affordable


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