Videos are now coming to Amazon Music Unlimited

It is no longer just music for those who subscribe to the Amazon service- starting today, the search results of Amazon Music will not only list the music tracks but, if there were any, also the video version of the same. On the other hand, it is always music, so if instead of putting the phone in your pocket to listen to your favorite songs on the headphones you want to watch the video clip, now you can do it without having to turn off everything to switch to another application, perhaps YouTube.

This change is already active and available for all users, even if to be able to watch the videos it is not enough to have a Prime subscription (those who have it can in fact automatically access Amazon Music) but you must be subscribed specifically to Amazon Music Unlimited, or the full version of Bezos company’s music streaming service.

Amazon Music
Amazon Music

The video clips are not only listed in the search results but also appear within the artist profile pages. Most useful of all, however, is the new button integrated in the interface of the multimedia player, thanks to which you can switch from music to video directly while listening to a playlist.

So, returning to the previous example, if you are listening to a song with headphones and you want to go and have a look at the video version for a while, just remove the smartphone from your pocket and click the button. Easier than that …

It must be said that this novelty is not exclusive to Amazon, because both Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Tidal have been offering the same content for some time. In fact, only Spotify is missing, which for the moment seems to be more focused on podcasts than on videos among the “alternative” services.

We take this opportunity to report that, just last month, the Amazon Music service (this time also the basic one, not just the Unlimited version, ed) was enhanced by the X-Ray option. This name is probably not new to you- in fact, for some time now on Prime Video, there is the X-Ray function which, with a click, allows you to discover the details of the film being played, for example by reading the names of the actors, the release date, who composed the soundtrack and much more.

On Amazon Music, on the other hand, the X-Ray option automatically shows the lyrics of the song- just one click to access the complete text and, in the case of a smartphone, by rotating the interface to landscape mode, it will occupy the entire screen showing the text in the maximum possible size. Moreover, the words light up when they are sung by the artist, thus allowing to improvise even a karaoke.

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