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What is Peoople.app? A new social network? Or a scheme?

In the past few weeks, I have received invitations from several friends on Facebook and Instagram to join this new thing, a social network called Peoople (Link) (yes, that’s how you write it), because apparently it is possible to earn money. However, as my mother always told me that nobody gives anything to anyone. I went to investigate.

Well, it seems that Peoople is real and trustworthy, having appeared in 2023. In fact, it seems to be a serious case of success all over the world, since in 2023 it already has 2 million registered users, having arrived in some new countries recently.

What is Peoople.app? A new social network? Or a scheme?

Therefore, Peoople.app is basically a social network of recommendations, having been created in 2023 by David Pena (CEO) and Gonzalo Recrio (Product Manager). Okay, but what is a social network of recommendations?

Very briefly, this social network serves to let us know everything and more about restaurants, books, films, series, and even technological products. Basically, the idea is to recommend products to anyone who is interested, such as a famous influencer.

However, what is really interesting in the middle of all this is that Peoople pays for these recommendations. That is, it is possible to earn money on this ‘network’.

But how does this work?

The basis of Peoople, is only and only the recommendation of ‘things’, being as easy to recommend as it is to publish a photo on Instagram or Facebook. Just click on add and from there we can choose the type of product, games, restaurants, places of interest, hotels, etc… Later we can post a comment, a photo, etc…

Basically, the idea here is to take advantage of our busy life, to recommend products or places of interest. Imagine, you went on vacation at the beginning of the year to a hotel in the Algarve, you can create a recommendation about that hotel, with photos of the pool, the SPA, or even breakfast.

Ok, but how do you make money at Peoople?

As I said above, although it is true that the social network pays for our recommendations, nobody gives anything to anyone.

Thus, in order to earn real money, it is necessary to step up within the social network, since we all start as ‘Rookie’ and then move on to Influencer, Unicorn or Star (the highest, which according to Peoople, only 0.1% will achieve).

Having said all of that, the application explains all of this right from the start, also saying that you can only start receiving payments when you get a total of € 10. (Bank transfer)

In short, as our followers follow our recommendations (buy, listen to a song, download, etc.), giving likes, saving suggestions, etc… This is how we fill our virtual wallet. In practice, we can be paid for just about everything (from the Influencer level) as long as all of this is real. (No fake accounts, the system can catch these schemes).

However, Peoople doesn’t reveal how much they pay for each interaction between users, which is a bit strange, but it ends up making sense. Since the secret is often the lifeblood of the business. But all of this raises a question. How does the social network make money, if its base is paying users?

This is where the beauty of it all lies, Peoople’s goal is to be paid for brands so that they appear in the application, which is their source of revenue. And apparently, the thing is working, since it is growing in an impressive way all over the world.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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