WhatsApp receives a great update in video and audio calls

The pandemic that the world is facing has completely changed our lives. In fact, this is felt in several fields. The current global crisis has led, for example, to a huge increase in the use of communication services. However, contrary to what many expected, everything has been running smoothly and the platforms are managing to cope with the huge demand. Although there appears to be enough bandwidth to receive many users, several services are in need of improvement. WhatsApp, for example, has just received a lot of new features on calls.

WhatsApp receives a great update in video and audio calls

WhatsApp has been updating its mobile applications with some improvements designed to allow multiple users to participate in audio and video calls. The WABetaInfo found however that WhatsApp plans to extend the limit of audio and video group calls for Android and iOS devices.

Currently, WhatsApp users can initiate group calls with up to 4 participants. Still, a future update will increase the number of participants that you can invite for a group call for at least up to 6 people. It is not known what the final number will be, but we know that WhatsApp will apply the same group improvements to video calls. In other words, the two forms of communication receive these updates.

None of these improvements are yet available in the beta version of WhatsApp. However, they are evident in some code chains discovered by WABetaInfo. The changes are expected to be implemented in the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp, but we do not know the release date.

In fact, at a time when we need to communicate so badly, this is excellent news. It’s just that living together is extremely good, even if it is virtual since this time imposes it. If we can gather even more friends so much the better.

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