10 Great Features Making Samsung Phones Spectacular

Samsung, the smartphone company has made great name for itself and is reputable for the second position it holds in the list of best smartphones around the world. The company is known for spending a lot of money developing new technology for users. By this, the company has come to have brand value and their smartphones cost more because they are high-end smartphone products. However, the company is also known as one that produces budget phones with minimal features. Let’s take a look at what makes Samsung Phones mobile devices of choice among smartphone buyers.

Beautiful Design

Samsung phones are beautiful but the company wastes no time imitating other top quality phones in design and this includes iPhones. If your company manufactures a very lovely phone today, Samsung will try to mimic that design and find a way build on it. Building on the beautiful design of another phone makes Samsung so attractive to many.

Samsung Exynos 9810

Samsung proved to be a winner with this feature that allows the phone’s processor to identify items and persons in photos for fast categorization, enables depth sensing to scan a person’s face quickly in 3D and this makes for great security especially when unlocking a device.

IP68 Water Protection

Even though there are many Samsung phones that come without waterproof. But those that come now are with the latest IP68 technology. In 2019, this technology is at the helms of high quality waterproof smartphones. IP68 means that the Samsung phone can survive when thrown into water up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes or thereabouts. Yet, it is also resistant to dust. This is another good feature that Samsung pioneered among smartphone manufacturers.

Wireless Charging

This means that you can charge your phone without plugging it using a cord or a physical charger. It is as simple as using a hotspot internet connection.

Fast Charging

Top Samsung phones can achieve full charge from zero percent in less than two hours due to fast charging. However, there are upcoming fast charging technology that claim your phone will be fully charged in about 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy M30S


Near-field communications (NFC) is a device that is not found in many phones but Samsung is a front-runner in making use of this technology as well. Bring two devices together within 4 cm and establish communication. Share files as you would Bluetooth. Yes, you can seamless share info with other non-portable devices if your phone has the tech.

3.5 mm Headphone Jack

This one is being ditched by many smartphone companies but not Samsung. You can still find many young smartphone users making use of their headphones and earpieces.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Still the best in its rank, this smartphone glass technology is thin, light and damage resistant. It is the best for now, except that there are new technologies running close to it.

Great cameras

Samsung doesn’t have the best camera phone for now but the company has partnered with Sharp and other brands to give users the best in camera features. Check out one of the best camera phones of 2019- Galaxy S10.


This technology is Samsung built and has been around now for about a year. It works like Google Lens, allowing your smartphone to provide context on what the camera sees.

Final Words

These are what in my opinion make Samsung phones darling to the hearts of millions. Samsung is now looking to give the world a new technology and is in a tight race to maintain its second-place rating in the world of smartphones. Even though there have been setbacks, the company continues to grow strong.

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