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3 Excellent Huawei Y6 Pro Colours

One more powerful smartphone that was released into the mobile market by Huawei is an Entry-level Huawei Y6 Pro. From the name itself, you can guess that this smartphone is the next generation of Huawei Y6 which was sometimes released into the market. Indeed, this new Huawei Y6 Pro has been equipped with a specification that is more resilient.

Huawei Y6 Pro comes with an ideal screen size of 5.0 inch that is so comfortable in the palm even when operated using one hand. The ability to perform well is also quite satisfactory; it is equipped with an MT6735P MediaTek chipset supported by a 2GB of RAM and crams in a 16GB internal storage.

Turning to the design sector, the Huawei Y6 Pro does look so stunning even though its body is made of plastic. That’s because Huawei Y6 Pro carried compact body dimensions and combined with three variants of colour that look so cool. Curious what colour are they? Check out the full review below.

3 Beautiful Huawei Y6 Pro Colours

1. Huawei Y6 Pro – Gold

Although the body is made of plastic, and Huawei up for these deficiencies wrap the body of Huawei Y6 Pro with Gold colour which makes it looks cooler and more luxurious. One colour that makes the body of the Huawei Y6 Pro looks as if it is made of metal, cool right. Hehehe

2. Huawei Y6 Pro – Gray

When compared with gold, the grey colour looks more premium. That is because of the black colour combination on the front, silver in the frame, as well as the grey colour on the back cover.

3. Huawei Y6 Pro – White

Also, Huawei Y6 Pro also presents a choice of colour that looked so bright and charming. The colour variant is White. Surely you already know it is apparent that the colour white on a smartphone is to make it have a more stylish look. But unfortunately, the white colour is easily soiled by dust or fingerprints of the users.

Up to you. After seeing all full review of Huawei Y6 Pro colours above. What colour variant would you like and fits your taste? To me, I prefer the Grey colour.

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