4 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone to Type Without Stress

Apple devices are known to be smart and efficient in performance. But one disadvantage of iOS is the keyboard. The keyboard makes you embarrassed because of the not-so-smart auto-correct feature. Android users on their part can use any of the several alternatives in their devices. The ability of iOS users to be able to use alternative keyboards was not possible until 2014 with iOS 8. With that advantage, you can change the keyboard in iPhone to type more efficiently. We’ve researched and gotten 4 best of the alternatives to the iOS default keyboard.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

  1. Gboard

If you need a Google search results on a word you’re typing, then Gboard will do. With Gboard, you don’t have to switch between apps to do this. This feature can be accessed easily with the small ‘Google’ button on the keyboard. Also, you can share the results with your friends in the app you are using. By putting on the location service, you can search for nearby restaurants and ATMs. The keys are arranged neatly and it is not hard to switch from the default iOS keyboard to Gboard.


  1. Phraseboard

Phraseboard does a great work of taking the distress out of the stressful job of typing the same responses over and over by letting you save them so you can recall them and select one of the answers to reply quickly. Your own customised phrases can be created and sorted by category. The Phraseboard widget on the home screen can easily be accessed to create new phrases. If you uninstall the keyboard you can still have access to you phrases which are synced with iCloud.


  1. Grammarly

This keyboard is also an editor, but instead of employing general auto-correct, it uses constructive guidiance to strengthen your writing style. Some of the features that are useful are contextual spelling checking, punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancement. If you’re into business, you’ll find this keyboard useful in composing professional emails so you don’t have to worry about seeing embarrassing errors after the email has been sent.


  1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a known app amongst Android users because of its robust features, extensive customization support, and versatility. It is a great app for iPhones and iPads. The keyboard allows for faster typing that is more accurate and enjoyable. There is a rich,  dynamic built-in dictionary that will recognize common mistakes and grammatical errors when typing and fix them automatically. If there’s a word you don’t want the keyboard to autocorrect, you can save it for later.


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