5 Best Ebook Apps for iPhones and iPads in 2024

Mobile phones are offering us more abilities to do things we couldn’t do in the past on them. One of those things is having a library on your iPhone or iPad. Digital books are now in vogue with every publisher now having an online presence. These Ebooks apps allow you to do what you can do with physical books like highlighting and bookmarking and they offer other kinds of features. Let’s unravel them…

Best Ebook Apps for iOS

1. Marvin

1 Marvin

Marvin is an eBook app that gives you a convenient experience of reading from your personal library. It works like the Calibre-powered OPDS server. It has free ebooks sites search functionalities integrated so that you can search for free ebooks from them. Other cool features present in the app include extra screen darkening and Flux-like screen warming for late-night reading, awesome copying tools, near-infinite color customization. There’s Deep View, an innovative feature that reads your books and gives a summary of it. CBX files for comics can be read Marvin and there’s a TTS read-aloud function for Siri-powered audiobooks.


2. Apple Books

2 Apple Books

Apple Books is in every iPhone pr iPad device by default. In it is an impressive eBook library. You have the option. To choose from books of different genres ranging from fiction, non-fiction, crime-thrillers, sci-fi & fantasy, short stories, history, travel & adventure, politics, and more. Books that have been downloaded can be conveniently read on iPad or Mac. There is syncing features that ensure that all your contents can be accessed across your Apple devices.


3. Scribd

3 Scribd

There’s a large library of books on Scribd and audiobooks too. This book library is on par with other books like Amazon when the quality of books is taken into consideration. Other documents such as sheet music selections and research papers are also available on Scribd. You find in Scribd a nice-looking user interface. Scribd is also supported on Android so if you want to access them in another place, it is possible. It allows you to download your book for offline use especially in places of slow or no internet connection.


4. tiReader

4 tiReader

tiReader has a lot in it. It does more than what a regular eBook reader does. The app views media with annotation support. In it is a photo viewer that is annotation-friendly. It supports DJVU files with bookmarks and annotations and an audiobook player. Annotation is the major highlight of this app and it is very robust and complete. It has many other features that may seem overwhelming if you just want a basic eBook reader. The GUI will be better if made modern because it takes after the style of Windows rather than iOS.


5. Amazon Kindle

5 Amazon Kindle

If you want to have something like the Kindle device on your iPhone or iPad, the Amazon Kindle app will give you that feel. The app gives you access to a library that you can access everywhere you go. The app automatically displays books that you purchased on Amazon. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, eBooks can be downloaded straight in the app. The sample is a feature on the app that gives you a free sample of any eBook so you can make the best decision as to whether you should buy the book. There are other materials in the app such as magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, and textbooks.


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