5 Best iOS Apps for Small Business Owners

Running a small business may be called easy, but that’s not the reality. One time, you’re the accountant, another time, you’re the project manager. Thanks to technology and what your iPhone has to offer, there are tons of app that can make the job easier and let you focus on more important duties. Whether you need an app that is for productivity or an app for syncing files, we’ve got you covered here. So you just check out our five picks of the best app for small business owners.

Best Business Apps for iOS

  1. Smartsheet

1 Smartsheet

If you want to be productive with your business and have optimum results, a project management app is a must. Smartsheet is a project management app that does the job well. The app helps you to track the progress of your employees and know the status of the projects assigned to them. For proactive management of a business, Smartsheet is an excellent app choice. You can be far away in another city for a meeting, and you’re monitoring projects going on in your office. With the app, you can attach files, view Gantt charts, set alerts and notifications, and more. Change the look of your task with templates available such as the project plan, project budget, sales pipeline, and others.


2. Office 365

2 Office 365

When you think of Office apps for a mobile device, Office 365 is unbeatably the beat. The cloud-based office app has features that make office features easy to use. Many office suites exist but are not as great as Office 365. Problems like document conversion between their formats and the standard Microsoft formats (.doc and .docx) arises in them, which may ruin your work. To use the features thoroughly, you have to pay $6.99 per month or you $69.99 per year, which, when compared to other office apps, is less expensive even as it offers more features.


3. Toggl

3 Toggl

What’s a business without management of time, it equates to wastage of resources. Toggle seeks to prevent this by making every second of your time count. The app’s timer tracks how you spend every second of your time, and if you do business based on billable hours, it is ideal for you. Track many projects at once, export time data, view colorful graphs. There are just features that would serve your time management needs. The app syncs with many several project management apps so you can share numbers with them. Your employees can also utilize Toggl, and you can put them into groups for them to stay organized. The app will work freely for up to five users, but for the Pro version to work and give you advanced features, you’ll need to subscribe for $5 per user, per month.


4. Dropbox

4 DropBox

Your business would most likely need to save some files, and having its location in the cloud is a great way to avoid problems associated with the recovery of files or file loss. It is a reliable file syncing app that works on iPhone and Android too. You can store any document, including the most important ones, and if you need to recall and access them, you can do that on DropBox. Videos and photos can be backed up from your phone automatically via Dropbox. Overall, Dropbox is a fast and easy-to-use file-syncing app, and you won’t go wrong using it.


5. Trello

5 Trello

Useful for project management, Trello is a platform that saves organizations the headache of managing projects effectively. It is an easy-to-use platform that every facet of your organization,  from sales and marketing to HR and operations, can utilize it for optimum productivity and smooth running of the business. Trello can be customized and is built to be able to integrate with over 100 tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Jira. The app gives you visual power to organize information appealingly. You can attach multiple files and send them to members of the team. The cool UI it brings on, the array of features and tools, and its functionalities make it a powerful tool for your business.


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