5 Best Monopoly Games for Android Phones and Tablets

Monopoly is a game that makes you a rich person if you’re able to play and beat your competitors. It requires you to make all the money and render your opponents bankrupt. With this game, you can learn the art of business. You get to build houses, own properties and spend money on what you like. Monopoly is never boring and with the Android apps that are based on it, you get varieties. Let’s get to know 5 of these monopoly games for Android.

Best Monopoly Games for Android

  1. Monopoly Bingo

1 Monopoly Bingo

Storm 8 developed this fun and exciting Monopoly game known as Monopoly Bingo. It is a free and popular game that works on Android smartphones and tablets. It’s highly rated and it fuses the classic monopoly with lottery bingo so you can have a rich combo.

By this, it is a game of luck in which you can play with up to 8 bingo cards simultaneously. Compared to other bingo games, it has more bingo cards. The gameplay involves you collecting balls that possess numbers from familiar locations. You win money by having a winning combination and you move forward in the game.

As you continue in the game, you’re allowed to enter bingo halls. Use the money you’ve accumulated from your winnings to secure your favourite monopoly property. Build houses and hotels and gain experience doing these.

There’s more, you get the opportunity of collecting community chests as you move through the board. With this fortune, you gain coins, bingo tickets, and bonuses. You can decide to play Monopoly Bingo alone or with friends.


2. Monopoly Slots

2 Monopoly Slots

Scientific Games pushed this one to the Play store and it is a great game that can make you the monopoly millionaire of your dreams as you play in the casino. Slot machines approach and economic strategy is employed in Monopoly Slots to give you a great Monopoly game. In Monopoly Slots, there are various slot machines and you can only know which would make you lucky by trying them.

Upon making your winnings help Mr. Monopoly rebuild the monopoly city. Get to Mediterranean Avenue and construct a beautiful hotel to start earning coins as income and be that successful tycoon that is able to rebuild the city and make it great once again. Build other amenities like train stations and power stations to improve the lives of citizens.

Quests that will boost your earnings are available and you get to encounter interesting characters as you go on. Playing the game more and more opens to your opportunity of getting new cards, special bonuses, token, a variety of exciting slot machines and more.


3. Europoly

3 Europoly

Don Naipe are the developers of Europoly, a great monopoly game that requires you to make your opponents bankrupt to win and become rich. This version of monopoly is very similar to its classical version and it helps you learn economic strategy.

To become the winner, you have to buy your opponents properties and obtain monopoly. Everyone gets a pawn for crossing Europe. You can only buy or sell a property if it is unregistered and a pawn lands on it. If the property is owned by another player, you’ll have to pay the rent. You can even rob the bank and undergo many other exciting tasks.

The idea is to buy properties of the same colour so you can create a monopoly. You get to also build houses, hotels, etc.


4. CrazyPoly

4 CrazyPoly

You get the opportunity of having a monopoly in CrazyPoly by NeatHippo. It is a business dice game where you earn more than enough and cause rivals to be bankrupt. The game has a clean and intuitive gameplay, so even if you’re playing a monopoly for the first time, you’ll understand it.

In CrazyPoly, you’re a businessman who needs to make his business organised. Get an economic strategy in the game that allows you to buy business properties, build levels, collect rent, play casino, rob banks to improve your business. By taking the companies of opponents and being the wealthiest, you become the winner.

The game allows you to purchase various business enterprises like real estate gambling establishments, banking institutions and so on. You’ll also receive a stable income as a monopolist.

There are three different difficulty levels in CrazyPoly – easy, medium and hard and the themes available to make the game look your taste are Classic and Wild West. It’s a fun game after all.


5. Rento – Dice Board Game Online

5 Rento

Rento is a monopoly game but is an improved version of the classic version. You go around the field and do all you can to get your opponents bankrupt. They feature similar rules. You have the ability to buy new homes, factories, schools, and hospitals, sell trade in currency, participate in auctions an get a lot of fun.

It features three game mode namely – Single player game, Multiplayer Game, Game with artificial intelligence. The graphics of Renting are colourful and beautiful and it has interesting gameplay.


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