8 brand new features coming to iOS 14

Apple will be presenting with a redesigned interface with iOS 14. Besides the interface, new apps, and the release date of iOS 14 may also be described.

Apple’s regular developer event, WWDC, will take place soon, and many iPhone users are excited to see next-generation iPhones. The next generation of iPhones has been the subject of curiosity in iOS 14. New information about the features coming in both iPhone and iOS 14 continues to come before the launch date. Let’s see what are the 8 new features coming with iOS 14?

Along with the features that iOS 14 will bring, Apple plans to make the phones more stable and wants to address the problems experienced in iOS 13. With the new update, it is said that everything from the interface to the applications will be rearranged. So in short, Apple aims to bring many features on Android to iPhones.

1 – Home Screen Updates

The home screen may look very different on iOS 14, unlike the iconic changes that come with other versions. Especially the 7 × 5 application sequence that stands out on the main screen is expected to affect the usage a lot. We had experienced this application sequence on MAC devices. It is also said that there will be changes in the classification of applications as you wish, not alphabetically.

2 – Changing default apps

This feature, which has been on Android for years and has become the nightmare of Apple iPhone smartphones, finally comes with the new iOS update. The vast majority of iPhone users said they were using Gmail as their email application, and they said they couldn’t get it in front of Apple’s default email application. Apart from E-mail applications, you can now set your applications such as Music, Map, Video player by default.

3 – Messages app group chat feature

It is an indispensable fact that Apple’s Messages app has become much more advanced than apps on other phones. Apple will allow group chats like WhatsApp and Messanger with the feature it will bring in iOS 14. Also, when you click on the “@” icon, you will be able to talk about and label the person you want in the group chats.

4 – iPad-like multitasking features

With the upcoming update on iOS 14, we expect multitasking features like iPads. One of them may be to run dual applications simultaneously on the same screen. We saw this in jailbreak on iOS 11 and some iPad models. It will also be a good fit for the big screen of the iPhone 12 Max.

5 – New features for Safari

As you already know, Siri’s word translation features were already available. With the feature coming in iOS 14, you will be able to turn a Web page you open in Safari to Siri. You will also be able to customize Apple Pencil as desired for Safari.

6 – Extending accessibility settings

Apple continues to expand the settings framework made by users in recent years. You will now be able to customize ringtones and wallpapers. It is also said that a ringtone feature that makes tactile feedback for those with vision problems will come.

7 – For sports lovers- Exercise Application

Thanks to the new exercise application for sports lovers, Apple will record every moment you do during sports and make analyzes. In addition, this application will work with Apple Watch and Apple TV to increase the feedback features.

8 – New features for augmented reality

With AR technologies that iOS 11 brought with it, new AR compatible sensors started to appear. With iOS 14, you will be able to measure height as AR. In addition, the AR application, which is a store for 3rd party developers, is on the way.

iOS 14 release date

Apple’s regular developer event, WWDC, will take place soon, and many iPhone users are excited to see next-generation iPhones. In this event, which will be held on June 22, we will learn all the details and phones that support iOS 14. iOS 14 is expected to come with next-generation iPhones.

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