All You Should Know About GTBank Mobile Money, Mobile Banking And Mobile App

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is a very popular bank in Nigeria and they are known for their effective mobile banking services that make things simpler for customers to transact business from anywhere across the globe.

GTBank has a mobile banking service that customers can access in 2 ways:

  • GTB Mobile Banking App: It is a web app that can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices.
  • GTB Mobile Money Toolkit: This toolkit was launched by the bank in partnership with 9 Mobile Telecommunications Company. The mobile money toolkit will already come installed on the sim card and all GTB customers who use 9Mobile can have access to it.

How Can I Enable Mobile Money On My 9Mobile Money SIM Toolkit?

  • Before anything else, you need to put the SIM card in your smartphone and make sure it is registered.
  • Head to the menu area of your mobile device, check for the 9Mobile SIM Menu and tap it.
  • Choose the mobile money icon and then choose Gtbank.
  • Head to “My Account.”
  • Tap “Register.” You will be prompted to answer a lot of questions like your complete names and your date of birth. Make sure you answer the questions cautiously and aptly because the answers might be needed when you have to recover your pin.
  • Tap “Submit.” after answering all the questions.
  • Within some minutes, you will be sent a six-digit number from GTB known as your “Activation Token.”
  • Use the numbers to enable mobile money on your smartphone.
  • Then just launch the GTMobile money application, tap the activation button and type in the activation token (6 digits) that you received.
  • After that, select a 4-digit PIN number that you can remember. You are done. You just successfully activated your GTB mobile money account and would get a welcome text from GTBank asap.

How Can I Download And Activate GTB Mobile Money App On My Internet Enabled Smartphone?

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With your Android and iPhone, you must install the GTB mobile money application on your phone by adhering to these instructions:

  • Download the app on your mobile device. (Check your Play Store and App Store on your phone.)
  • Sign up by filling your personal details including your finances and date of birth.
  • You will be sent your 6-digit activation token in an SMS from GTB.
  • Tap on the activation code to activate your account.

How Can I Use The GTB Mobile Money Service?

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It can be used to send cash and to withdraw cash from your account. To deposit cash, there are simple instructions to follow:

  • Get your GTB account linked to your mobile money wallet.
  • Do a NIPS transfer via the Quickteller portal.
  • Use any “fund wallet” enabled POS terminal.
  • Make use of your GTBank card on any ATM machine.
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