Apple Delivers Latest Update: iOS 16.5.1 for All Users

Apple released this Wednesday (21) a small update for its iOS and iPadOS operating systems. iOS 16.5.1 and iPadOS 16.5.1 versions were made available as minor updates to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 respectively, with the main purpose of fixing bugs and improving device security.

According to Apple, these updates bring with them essential security fixes, making them highly recommended for all users.

Additionally, a specific bug has been fixed which could prevent the device from recharging when using the Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter. Too bad it took a whole month to resolve this.

In addition to these updates, Apple has also released the iOS 15.7.7a security update intended for iPhone users who do not have the ability to update to the iOS 16 operating system.

In this way, the company seeks to ensure that all its users have access to the necessary corrections, regardless of the version of the operating system on their devices.

To download iOS 16.5.1 and iPadOS 16.5.1 updates, users can utilize the update option over-the-air accessing the device’s settings and following the path Settings > General > Software Update.

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