Apple to Deliver Better VR Experience in 2022

For those of us who not impressed with the quality of VR offerings available today, there is hope. Apple is reportedly working on improving things and providing a much improved VR that will serve fans satisfactorily in 2022.

In 2022, Apple will be providing its impressive ‘sounding first AR/VR’ headset. This week, an analyst from Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo alluded to the groundbreaking device from the company, and he said it will come around in 2022.

He said that Apple is rustling up an HMD with awesome specs, those that are seen below:

The device will feature…

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Apple VR Headset coming in 2022
  • High-resolution MicroLED displays
  • There will be 15 cameras to be built into the headset
  • There will also be eight modules from Largan that will enable vision, six-feed innovative biometrics
  • The device will be able to operate standalone with its own Apple Silicon processor, RAM, and storage
  • It will weigh 200 grams

Apple is known for providing high-end, premium gadgets and devices, and this VR headset will not fail to reach that standard. Kuo, who broke the news regarding said that the price may not too high because he compared it with that of a new iPhone. There have been rumors that VR will sell for up to $3,000 but now, we know it will be in the range of a thousand dollars.

Although this AR/VR is the next roadmap for Apple, Kuo said that by 2025, Apple may have to deliver similar technology to further serve to implement AR Glasses. The real dates for this neo tech are unknown.

Another spotlight is that Apple will present AR contact lenses in 2030. It is said that the company will try to implement invisible computing. Just how all these will pan out is not known for now.

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