Are The Pop-Up Cameras On Phones Here To Stay? Let’s Find Out Together

Innovation is a necessary thing in the tech world, most especially the smartphone category. Constant Innovations are what got us from those black and white mobile phones that literally made only phones back in the day to the Smartphones we have now. Phones that have triple rear cameras, shoot 4K video, Play Console Quality games and Browse the internet seamlessly. Truly, we’ve come a long way.

Every now and then, a smartphone maker tries out something new. If it works out and gets loved by the fans, it sticks, and even other Smartphone company emulate it. If it doesn’t, they move on to trying something else. The has been a cycle going on in the mobile phone world, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The something ‘new’ in recent time seems to be the question of where to put the camera.

Isn’t the Notch Good Enough?

The 18:9 aspect ratio on smartphones meant that the front-facing camera still has a spot at the top of the device. The 19:9 aspect ratio which was supposed to be the true ‘Full screen’ still had to have to top center part cut out for the necessary things like the speaker grill, sensors and most importantly the camera. Personally, I would say the 19:9 aspect ratio (With a Notch) came rather too soon. Although some people like the notch, some others don’t, but there is no denying the fact that the 19:9 aspect ratio with a notch was just an attempt at a true full-screen display.

Since the Infamous ‘Notch,’ Smartphones makers have gone back to the drawing board, each trying to come up with some kind of way to make the true full screen display a reality. This brought about the question of where the front-facing camera – an important aspect of modern smartphones – would go. Some phone makers have taken their shot at it already with some really nice results I must say. It first started with the Vivo on the Vivo NEX S and Vivo NEX A Smartphones which saw just the camera slide up when you Open the camera and switch it to the front-facing camera.

Oppo also had their go at it on the Oppo Find X which had the whole top of the phone slide out when you would want to take a photo. On the Oppo Find X, Both the front-facing camera and rear camera are located in the pop up as opposed to just the selfie camera on the Vivo NEX. Other Smartphone makers seem to be coming on board as we are already hearing rumors of something similar For Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Honor Magic 2 and Lenovo’s Mysterious and yet to be named Phone. It’s only a matter of time before others smartphone makers follow suit.

Problems Associated With Pop Up Cameras – What This Means For Smartphones

Pop Cameras solves the problem of the Notch and makes it possible to achieve a true full-screen display. However, Pop Up Cameras bring along their own disadvantages. The first and most talked about it the lack of waterproofing in phones that have it. This isn’t far-fetched as moving parts on a smartphone are hard to secure and waterproof. Second problem being that the motor responsible for pulling up the camera when you need to take a picture might get faulty. Leading to the camera not responding when you open the camera app.

There is also a possibility of the phone falling off from your hand when taking a photo and landing head first with the pop-up camera still out. I hate to even imagine the outcome of such an event. With such phones with starting prices at almost a thousand dollars, I wonder how much it will cost to fix something as delicate as the pop Camera breaking off or sustaining enough damage to warrant a repair. This leads me to ask the next question.

Are Pop Up Cameras Really Necessary?

I’m all up for innovation but the advantages of an innovation must outweigh the disadvantages if any, and in this case, it does not, at least TO ME. Moving parts on a smartphone are always a bad idea as they are prone to damage, as I’ve found out the hard way having used several flip Phones back in the day. No doubt you get a full-screen display with a screen to body ratio reaching up 90%+ but why can’t we have both? If anything, Meizu has shown us on their Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus that you have a ‘high’ screen to body ratio and still have just enough space to house the front-facing camera.

Wrapping Up

As much as I hate the Notch (Yes, I’m a Notch Hater), I still prefer it to the pop Cameras we seem to be seen a lot of these days. Thankfully, some Smartphone makers haven’t gone the pop-up camera route just yet and hopefully, they don’t believe in the future. These are just my views on this, and you can also let yours known in the comment section down below. Are pop up cameras here to stay or will they be gone before we even know it?

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