As OnePlus 6T Fake Pictures Spread Online, Here’s What You Should Know

OnePlus 6T is receiving a rave moment online right now. We are not surprised, for the maker is known for bringing about innovations big or small. As we heard, this upcoming OnePlus 6T device is going to be available exclusively on Amazon India website come October 2018.

Fake Leaked Pictures Emerge Online

OnePlus 6T case renders 1

That’s what’s on with OnePlus 6T. The problem here is that those pictures could mar the understanding of fans and when the real device is out, there could be commotion which may dent the image of OnePlus.

On September 23, 2018, there were several fake pictures of OnePlus 6T spotted on a Chinese website. The pictures appear to portray the device in use, which is not supposed to be because the OnePlus 6T has not been released yet.

In the pictures, the smartphone appears with its rumored teardrop selfie camera. OnePlus 6 has done well when it comes to pricing and performance and there are those who believe that the PnePlus 6T should do better. They have a good reason for saying that.

However, the fake photos shown online don’t comply with what is already known from reliable leak sources. One of the leaked pictures shows that 6T will have a headphone jack. Notably, OnePlus has already confirmed the elimination of the mini-jack port. So we don’t expect to find one on OnePlus 6T when it finally does arrive.

There’s a New OnePlus 6T Teaser Online

The new teaser was released by Amazon India recently. We cannot tell if OnePlus itself originated the teaser, so we may not be gullible about the information presented therein. It shows the device and the Bullets wireless earphones, from which we will learn more about later.

The new teaser came with a photo of OnePlus 6T which is now known as the official poster for the new smartphone. Wherever you see the OnePlus 6T picture that has the ‘Never Settle’ slogan on the screen, it is the real deal. Another slogan you may see is the ‘Unlock The Speed’ which also aligns with OnePlus’ vision and aim.

6T Comes with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, No Triple Rear Cameras

OnePlus 6T will be one of the mainstream smartphones to arrive with an in-display fingerprint reader. Don’t expect triple cameras at the rear though; this is clear from latest indications. Even the waterdrop notch is not certified yet. Whether it comes with dual cameras at the rear as rumored on Winfuture, is something that will be confirmed when it is launched or when officials of OnePlus talk about it.

6T is however reputed to have bigger display screen than its predecessors. It may be taller by a millimeter or two.

Speculations About Price and Release dates of 6T

As far as we know, it appears that OnePlus 6T is going to start at Rs 13,990 on but we give this as an estimate regarding what we have seen from various smartphone review platforms online.

So be prepared if there is a difference in price. As per the release date, there are those who strongly believe that 6T will be released on October 17. But we have no strong opinion on this. The manufacturer has already hinted that the device will be out soon.

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