Got any tech-related question? Go ahead, Ask TechVaz!

Hello there! It’s the month of May and we thought it would be lovely to finally unveil this amazing project. The project has been in kitchen for a while now and all we have been doing is adding enough sauce, salt and spice – bringing close and close and closer to perfection. But since nothing can be perfect (so they say), we will unveil the project and hope it get better over time.

Over the years, the acceptance and usage of technology​-inspired products have explosively increased. As such, the problems people encounter while using their devices have also relatively snowballed.

The above paragraph is what prompted the project Ask TechVaz (TechVaz). Ask TechVaz is a platform under the umbrella where you can ask any tech-related questions and be sure to get timely response​ by experts – people who would love to help.

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Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet is heating up? Why not ask us over at TechVaz? You have a faulty phone part? We know the best place to get a replacement. Your Infinix phone won’t come on and you want to know how to get that fixed? Head over to TechVaz and ask. It’s that simple.

Whatever​ the question may be – as far as it is within the confines of smartphones, featured phones, or any phone, bring it to TechVaz. Tablets, laptops, and accessories are also not left out – Ask TechVaz.

Perhaps everything is fine with your smartphone and tablet but you need the subscription code to a particular mobile network’s data plan, Ask TechVaz! Or maybe you’re out on the cheapest data plan available in the country, head on to TechVaz and ask.

And so far you aren’t asking questions about why your cat isn’t meowing, or where you can purchase black brogues shoe for your dinner date, be sure to always get a (probable) solution to your plight and replies to your questions on TechVaz.

Don’t forget. Always remember. Ask TechVaz!

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Samuel Afolabi is a lazy tech-savvy that loves writing almost all tech-related kinds of stuff. He is the Editor-in-Chief of TechVaz. You can connect with him socially :)

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