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5 reasons your smartphone battery drain quickly

5 reasons your smartphone battery drain quickly

Ever since the inception of mobile devices, long lasting battery life was an important factor users or buyers take into consideration before purchasing any phone. However, the battery factor back then wasn’t as stringent as it is now in the “smartphone era”.

In this era that we are currently living in – the era of rapidly advancing smartphone technology, different applications and other innovative smartphone functions springing up every minute, the amount of power (battery juice) these applications and functions consume for their proper functioning is huge! And the realistic side of the story is that we can’t do without these applications and functions.

Talk about your alarm that wakes you for work daily, the internet, your Google Map application (which uses GPS), your social media and messaging apps that syncs information every second and so on. While a minor arm of smartphone users are aware how and why their smartphone battery drains quickly, a major chunk aren’t.

5 reasons your smartphone battery drain quickly

The next paragraph will therefore reveal the top 5 things that makes your smartphone battery drain quickly. In no particular order, here they are;

1. High Screen Brightness

One of the main smartphone battery drainer is a very high screen brightness. When your screen brightness level is set to the maximum or to a level that is unnecessarily too high for your eye, not only will your smartphone battery drain quickly, you are also gradually hurting your battery and shortening the life span.

2. Background Applications

There are some applications that you might have installed on your smartphone run/stay open in the background even after closing them. These apps cause havoc to your battery life and makes your smartphone battery drain quickly.

You can check out these apps in the “Application” section in the settings menu.

3. Old/Outdated Operating System (OS)

You see, every new OS released​ by any smartphone manufacturer brings new fixes to your smartphone that directly reduces battery drainage or by correcting bugs that causes battery drainage.

In simple words, if your smartphone runs an operating system (say Android v4.4 KitKat), there’s a high probability that your device’s battery will drain faster​ than someone running Android v5.0 Lollipop.

4. Having Wi-Fi turned on

Having your Wi-Fi turned on at all times – especially when you have no intention​ of using it or when there is no available network will only reduce your battery juice.

How? Whenever your Wi-Fi is on, your smartphone will keep searching for any available network and won’t stop until it finds one. You know what this means right? It (Wi-Fi) will use up your battery; even when you yourself aren’t using your phone.

5. Battery Saving Apps

It’s understandable for you to think the various battery saving applications (Battery Saver as they’re ironically called) you installed on your device will elongate your battery life. Sadly, they aren’t doing your​battery any good. They increase the load on your smartphone and in turn makes your device use more battery power.

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