BBM For Windows Phone Released

If you think that the BlackBerry Messenger application will be limited to only the BlackBerry phones, iOS and Android phones alone you must be wrong, it has now arrived on Windows Phone. BlackBerry talked about the launch of its BBM messaging service on Windows Phone back in February, and now Windows phone users can finally get their hands on the BBM For Windows beta version.

The newly released application claim a native experience that makes use of the Windows Phone user interface and focuses on three areas – Contacts, Chats and Feeds. Swiping left and right will move you between the three pages, while common actions are found at the bottom of the page, and additional controls can be accessed in the menu through the button with three dots.

one of the fresh distinguishing features BBM the Windows Phone has is the ability to pin a contact to the Start menu for easy reaching — when you select that BBM contact right from the procreate menu, you’ll be taken straight away to a chat window hush up with them.

Another distinguishing feature of this application is that users can chat with one or many BBM contacts and have the ability to share pictures, voice notes, contacts and location. However, the beta version is still lacking stickers — which BlackBerry finally introduced earlier this year – BBM Voice, BBM Channels and location sharing powered by Glympse. BlackBerry says these will exemplify landing in the “coming months.”

Additionally, there is also another feature this application possess called BBM Groups, which not only has a private group chat, but a shared photo album where group members can chat about pictures, as well as share calendars and share lists.

BBM point feeds too, which lets you see when contacts recuperate their status or articulation photo (reckon on Facebook updates in a prate application). If your inclination to chat with your friends about their latest updates, your belonging count on to tap on their name to be redirected to a chat.

BBM features feeds too, which lets you see when contacts update their status or profile photo (think Facebook updates in a chat app). If you want to chat with your friends about their latest updates, you just have to tap on their name to be redirected to a chat.

BlackBerry is releasing the beta version of BBM for Windows Phone so that users can test it and give feedback on it, but if you are waiting for the full version, the company advises you to be patient “just a bit longer.”

BBM was fully released for the iOS and Android phones last year October, with BlackBerry saying it hit over 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours. However, the company seems to be fighting a losing battle as it joins the game so late. When iOS and Android became the dominant forces in mobile, BlackBerry didn’t speedily bring BBM over to its two competing platforms — and saw a ton of chat alternatives pop up instead.


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