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Beat Temperature Discomfort with Nordic Hygge AirChill Cooler

Even with the rainy season on the horizon, we still experience some heat at times because the sun will still shine. For those living in tropical areas, the humid temperature has become part of living. There are many solutions to cooling your air inside and outside a home. The one we want to take a look at is a cooling product from the stable of Nordic Hygge.

It is a personal cooler, an item not so big and tailored to individual users. It means that it is perfect for people who have different needs when it comes to temperature, but who may be living under the same roof.

AirChill will make it possible for the husband to enjoy cool air when the wife, who may also be sleeping beside him is okay with the warm temperature. This means none of the individuals have to compromise on what they want or may not want as regard room temperature.

Nordic Hygge Airchill Cooler Control
Nordic Hygge Airchill Cooler Control

Overview of Nordic Hygge AirChill

The personal cooler is just about seven inches tall, still shorter than a 12-inch ruler. Even if it appears small, it is able to perform four functions like cooling, humidifying, air purifying. While it is still able to create some intense ambiance creation. There are also LED lights that come as a delight to the user.

You have nine blades inside the fan to give it the kind of performance that will satisfy anyone. For example, the LED touch screen gives simple controls that make finding the best comfort level easier. Once charged, you can use it for four hours none stop at a time.

It can be used in various places, such as at the office, away from the privacy of a room, or at the hotel. Others have made use of it at picnics or other public events where small spaces with little space require the use of the personal cooler. Women particularly love it in the public, for they use it to keep their makeup from running.

Nordic Hygge AirChill Specs

  • Brand: Nordic Hygge
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.8 x 6.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds
  • Noise Level: 5 dB
  • Use Battery: No
  • Use USB: Yes


  • Portable, with simple controls
  • Gives a clean soft breeze
  • Operates almost silently


  • It can’t cool warm air

Why People Like Nordic Hygge AirChill

Nordic Hygge Airchill Cooler Front
Nordic Hygge Airchill Cooler Front

What most people love about the AirChill is that you can take the gadget to anywhere you want. For example, some people place it beside them when they are exercising. There’s almost no situation you can’t make use of this Nordic Hygge product.

If you are a non-tech person, you can find it easy to make use of the gadget once you find the control. It is placed in an easily accessible place with an LED touch screen to show the controls. There is no app associated, no complicated setup or tech needed to operate it. When you need to, you can clean and change the 100 percent leak-proof replaceable filter. Enjoy your seven optional colors for the backlight.

Nordic Hygge AirChill Verdict

For one thing, this product is not an air conditioner, so that when you’re in a hot place, it cools the air. It can’t do that. Be moderate in your expectations and realize that if you must buy A/C, this can’t replace it.

So, when the manufacturer claims it is cooler, don’t be carried away and think it works like a mini A/C in your room. It works like a mini fan. Secondly, it works best if it is tailored to the use of one person.


Apart from discounts and bonuses, the AirChill sells for $79.

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