Best 5 ways to increase your Instagram followers

Best 5 ways to increase your Instagram followers

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that has gained its ground and created a niche for itself to flourish amidst other numerous social network. One feature that makes Instagram stand out is the main use of visual media (photos and videos) which users can easily relate to. Like they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. A video, millions.

Owned by the number one social network platform in the world, Facebook, Instagram doesn’t seem to be halting anytime soon as its popularity is widespread throughout various aspect of the world.

Asides the usage by teenagers, adults, parents and even grandparents are not missing out on the fun as usage of the app cuts across all age range. Artists, chefs, dance instructors, fashion aficionados, famous celebrities also use Instagram (or IG as it is shortly and popularly called) to reach their fans and lovers.

Businesses and brands are not left out of the equation. Top brands (and even the budding start-ups) utilize the wide use of Instagram to reach old customers but more importantly, attract potential customers.

The numerous importance of Instagram in the present world cannot be overstated. The reasons in the above paragraph (and more) affirms to it. This is therefore why users and brands try as much as possible to garner enough followers, because without them, posting pictures or videos on the platform is as good as wasting precious time on a fruitless journey – talk about fetching water into a basket.

Best 5 ways to increase your Instagram followers
Best 5 ways to increase your Instagram followers

It is in respect of this that we bring to you:

Best 5 ways to increase your Instagram followers.

1. Set-up a well optimized profile page

Your profile page on Instagram is very important. As a matter of fact, the profile page of all your social media accounts are equally very vital.

The profile page of your Instagram account should display your logo (for business/company accounts) or a nice looking photo of you (for personal accounts​). Likewise, you can chip in a funny, engaging or attractive description of what your page is all about, what you do, how cool of a person you are etc. Also, you can directly request to be followed in your profile. That works too.

2. Provide Quality Content

After properly optimizing​ your profile page or bio, the next thing to do is to feed your followers with vital contents. Contents that are so engaging that can in turn lure your followers’ followers.

Another important factor to have in mind is “consistency” in posting of relevant pictures and videos.

3. Use of #Hashtags

One thing you are after is to attract more followers right? Hashtags can help you achieve this. Popular and trending hashtags can help you achieve this even faster. Post pictures and video that are relevant to the Hashtag and people (potential followers) all across the world can see you and your post.

4. Post your Instagram profile link on other social media platforms

This is simple and direct enough. Head over to your Instagram profile page and copy your page URL. Paste this link on all other social network account you own – be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and watch your followership grow.

5. Affiliation with Influencers

Influencers on Instagram have a large number of follower base. You can capitalize on their huge followership to grow yours as well. How do you do this? It’s easy. You can start off by liking and commenting relevantly on pictures and videos post of such Influencers.

Also, you can try to have your Instagram handle mentioned in a post by such Influencers. This will go a long way in boosting the number of followers.

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