Best Smartphones That Will Blow Our Minds in 2024

We would love to start this article with a list of best smartphones that will be released in 2024 but there is now way we can know now because it is too early to know which phones will be at the apex of things by this time next year.

So, let’s talk about a few that we already know will blow our minds come January to June 2019.

OnePlus 7 – The 5G Phone of tomorrow

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Word about this phone is out, so it is not just about the leaks. The manufacturer announced it at a recent tech event designed for Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit and made the claim that it will indeed be the first smartphone that works with 5G internet technology. The company said that it will run on EE with a Snapdragon 855. If the smartphone that will work with the 5G technology is not OnePlus 7, then it may be a phone that looks very much like OnePlus 6T. But for now, we like to believe that the phone is OnePlus 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As you know, the Note 9 has only been launched. However, even before this recent launch there has been news of Galaxy Note 10 and how the 3.5mm headphone jack will be done away with. Further, there is even some indications that the screen will be larger, which will be a nice especially for gamers who love to have it a bit bigger. Samsung at this time too may avoid the notch or the in-display cameras. We really don’t have the full information but this Galaxy Note 10 will be one of best 2019 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

These two smartphones will hit the markets in 2024 and they have been said to be amazing devices. Probably, the duo will land during the Mobile World Congress event scheduled for February 2019.

Some of the things that Samsung is putting in place are the introduction of five cameras, with three to the rear and two to the front. Even more, there is more talk about embedded cameras to be placed under the display in a bid to allow for a seamless front.

It is noted also that the Samsung galaxy S10 is going to be new generation of 5G capable handsets. The leaks have been shaping up a lot of things up till now but more is to come regarding this devices to show it is one of the best for 2019.

Samsung Galaxy F

We still don’t know what name the next and first Samsung foldable phone will be but when it does arrive, we will all know. There has been a prototype now although the concept has been on for years. This phone will come with Infinity Flex display and may sell for up to $2,000 USD. Probably, it will be unveiled during MWC 2019 event.

Apple iPhone XI


iPhone XI will Have x5 Optical Zoom
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We don’t know how much innovation will go into the next iPhone and we don’t even know what Apple itself is up to but we know that the company has got a lot up its sleeve. Even if the company is not keen at bringing about a 5G phone, there are other cool things the firm is doing to keep the attention of fans on its products. As you know, Apple is hardly the first to pioneer a new technology and will be keen on adjust on the design, although we don’t see much happening at that side either.


There are other smartphones that will be nice to mention but let’s leave matters here as we believe that these are at the apex of things when we talk about marvelous phones coming in 2024.

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