The Bluboo R1 with 7150mAh battery, wireless charging will take longevity and ruggedness to a new level

BLUBOO​, one of the top players in the Chinese smartphone industry will launch a device, the Bluboo R1, that will change a whole lot of things.

The Chinese tech company have made a quite number of amazing devices like the Bluboo Dual, Bluboo Maya and many more. The upcoming Bluboo Maya as we hear it, will be a game changer. The smartphone company codenamed the device as Bluboo R1. Now, in the next paragraph, I’ll briefly do a breakdown of the device name before moving on to other information (specs and features of the device).

BLUBOO R1 – Bluboo of course is the company’s name. The “R” stands for “Rugged” while the “1” stands for “First”. This “R1” combo simply implies that the Bluboo R1 is the company’s first rugged smartphone. And going by available information, the R1 will have certain features that are of flagship standard.

Bluboo R1

Aside being physically and structurally rugged, the Bluboo R1 is also battery-rugged. The device will be powered by a monster 7150mAh battery. The battery is also just no ordinary battery, it is a SONY battery – expect nothing but quality. Quickly, take some seconds to imagine what you could do with 7150mAh battery power. Watch tens of movies​, hours of gaming, read your favourite books, stay updated on all your social media accounts, and still have enough battery juice to take you through the next day’s adventure and even the day after. Yes, no exaggeration; Bluboo says the R1 battery can provide​ 2-3 days of usage.

Bluboo R1

Apparently, ruggedness and battery is not all the Bluboo R1 is all about. There’s still  more in the bag. The R1 will be powered by the latest MediaTek Helio X30 which was just launched some weeks ago at the MWC 2017. In furtherance, 4GB of RAM will ease switching between applications  and the 64GB of internal storage gives enough room for storage. There is however no information as of now whether the Bluboo R1 will come with external SD card support or not.

Thanks to the IP68 certification, the Bluboo R1 will be waterproof and can withstand up to 1 meter underwater. That’s not all, the R1 is also resistant to dust and can be charged without the use of a cable (wireless charging).

With the Bluboo R1, the company definitely wants to give competitors a run for their money. The Bluboo R1 is said to launch in the first half of the year and all fingers are pointing at a May 1 launch. But till then, let’s keep fantasizing about owning the device already…


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