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Is coming! iTunes may be released soon on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced in May last year that it was working with Apple to bring iTunes to its store in late 2017. But in December, the iPhone maker said it needed “a little more time to get it” Now, it looks like the release date might be pretty close.

The latest version released for the “Apple” platform – number 12.7.3, which also brought future support to HomePod  – introduced a new library called “iTunesUWP.dll,” as shown in the image below, released by Neowin.

Internal file of new version of iTunes may indicate an upcoming release in the Microsoft Store / Image – Playback

The file – with just 264 KB – will probably be the backbone for integrating the software with UWP. Apple’s claims about alleged compatibility with the Microsoft ecosystem are unclear, but the possibilities include subscription-based charging for Apple Music, among others.

When iTunes is in the Microsoft Store, Apple is also expected to open that up for Windows 10 S users. So, with the number of new devices shipped with that version of the operating system, more people would have access to the Cupertino giant’s service.

While the presence of this file in the iTunes folder suggests that a version of the application in the Microsoft store is nearby, there is still no official announcement from both companies as to when it will be released.

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