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Dodocool DA131 3D earphone; the gaming earphone review

Today, we will taking a look at Dodocool’s latest product; the Dodocool DA131 3D gaming earphones.

Dodocool is a China based (Hong Kong specifically) consumer electronics brand established in the year 2011. Dodocool specializes in the production of high quality and affordable laptop accessories, mobile accessories and even mobile body parts. Earphones, external battery, portable charger, power banks, USB charger and so on are various products that Dodocool channel their creativity and production energy towards. And so far, the end products have been speaking for themselves – utterly superb!

Dodocool DA131 3D earphone
Dodocool DA131 3D earphone

The Dodocool DA131 earphone was designed to provide something Dodocool calls “atmospheric 3D surround sound” using the Virtual 5.1 Surround Stereo Sound. Sounds complicated​? Let me break it down further.

“Surround sound” is basically a system of stereophony (sound) involving three or more speakers surrounding the listener so as to give a more realistic effect. The Virtual 5.1 Surround stereo system is the most commonly used sound layout in home cinemas and is also used by top sound/audio companies like Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II.

Dodocool DA131 3D earphone
Dodocool DA131 3D earphone

It is also worth stating that Dodocool designed the DA131 3D earphones specifically for gaming and use with game consoles, tablets, laptops.Dodocool points out that the 3D audio feature is one that will be particularly exciting and  appealing to VR headset users. Why? Because it provides​ realistic audio effects which goes hand-in-hand to complement the ultra-real visual experience.

Dodocool DA131 3D earphone
Dodocool DA131 3D earphone and a gaming laptop

The DA131 3D earphone design is eye-catching. The glossy plastic head isn’t like the everyday regular earphones we come across. It has an adjustable cable around it for maximum flexibility, customized experience and comfort.

Dodocool DA131 3D earphone
Dodocool DA131 3D earphone adjustable cable

The Dodocool DA131 3D earphone goes for $29.99 but there are reports that Dodocool planned selling for about $42.

However, before you get spooked by the price, there’s actually a (simple) way you can get this earphone for free. All you need to do is just take 2 minutes of your time to fill this questionnaire​ and you just might get lucky.

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