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Easiest Method To Check iPhone Warranty

We will be teaching you how you can check iPhone warranty, Repair and Service coverage that apple offers to all its devices. This also works on iPad, iPod and all other iOS and Apple Devices.

Its no news that apple is one of the most loved brands in the world. This is might be because of a number of reasons. One of such being the fact that apple is a unique and closed OS; meaning that for you to use any device running iOS, you are definitely using an apple device.

Iphone warranty

Unlike the Android OS created by Google. Which can be used through numerous devices. From Samsung, Xiaomi, Infinix, Tecno and the rest. For you to use an android device does not necessarily mean you have to shun out a lot of money to get a device running the android OS.

Although the starting price for some android device like the newly released Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is pretty high. With a price tag of at least $700 (Approx. N200,000). You can also get a cheaper device running the same android OS for about $100 (Approx. N35,000) or even less.

Whereas, if you want to use a device running the iOS you will definitely have to patronise Apple. Their latest device, The iPhone X would set you back almost a thousand dollars (Approx. N400,000) just to get a unit of it. With such a hefty price tag, some might argue that it is just not worth the price.

Some others might not, stating the numerous perks that come with any device running the iOS, especially the iPhone. Perks like Great Customer service, Quality and top notch hardware and software among others. Not forgetting that every Apple device comes with a warranty duration of one year.

The warranty does not cover damages like screen crack or water damage. Although, most apple device are water resistant. I guess this applies to their device that do not have the water resistant feature. Anywho, We will be showing you how to check your iPhone Warranty status with some few simple steps below.

How To Check iPhone Warranty

⚫ Make sure you have your iPhone IMEI or Serial Number

⚫ Make sure you have an Internet Connection and Head on To Apple’s Check Coverage Page.

Input Your Serial Number in the box provided, fill the required captcha and click on continue.

This is where you will see a page where Apple tells you about your device by showing you some details. Details include:

Valid Purchase Date: Apple has in record, the particular date on which the check you are checking was purchased.

Phone Support: Apple give a total of 90 days phone support to all its device users. If the 90 days has passed then you should it as “Expired”

Repairs and Service Coverage: This is where you check the device’s warranty. If it has exceeded the one year period, then it should also read “Expired”. If not, then it should still be active.

Note: The warranty period starts counting from the day you buy the phone, not from the day the phone is manufactured. Just in case you were wondering.


There is not doubt apple takes customer service very seriously. Making their customer have rest of mind while using their devices. Although, i would expect nothing less after buying a phone that pricey.

Now that you have learnt how to check you iPhone warranty, do let us know in the comment section if your warranty is still active.

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