Facebook Game Ads – Advertising your Game using Facebook Playback Ads

Are you a game developer? Do you know that inserting ads on your gaming application will generate income for you? However, with the Facebook game ads, you can build, grow and monetize your gaming application across the various Facebook platform. Facebook is currently one of the most trustworthy strategic mobile advertising platforms where you can get acquainted and monetized with your games through Facebook game ads. However, learn more about the Facebook game ads and how to get starting in making money.

In the meantime, the Facebook game ads are one of the powerful advertising tools used to create fun and engaging games on various Facebook platforms such as the Gameroom, Messenger app, and more. According to over 600 million gamers on the Facebook platform, for that reason, make it more compatible to grow your gaming audience after by making your game global. Nevertheless, you can increase your gaming revenues by creating ad placements and get paid monthly.

Facebook Game Ads- How to Advertising your Game using Facebook Playback Ads

Nevertheless, Facebook playback ads are a powerful set of solutions designed to help game developers grow or establish their game app on the Facebook platform from driving install. Therefore, this helps create an interactive video ad for the mobile app advertisers with Facebook and Audience. Hence, in other to drive higher quality and higher intent on others to integrate it on the gaming app with a try-before-you-buy option.

To get started:

  • Access the Ads Manager and create a new campaign.
  • Then select an advertising objective by choosing App Install to advertise your game.
  • Choose an app that you want to promote and search for the app by typing the app’s name.
  • Next, at the ad set level, under Placements, you need to click Edit placements.
  • Then, under Feeds, you can select the Facebook feeds placement
  • Or under More apps and sites, you can choose the Audience Network native, banner, and interstitial placement or the Audience Network rewarded video placement.
  • Afterward, on the next level under format, click Single video and then tick the option on other to set up a playable asset.
  • Next, under Create New, click Upload playable button, and it will redirect you to a new window where you can upload your lead video.
  • You can upload your HTML% or zip file asset in the playable upload dialogue box by clicking the upload button.
  • After that, you can click done and then upload a video asset under the media section.
  • Finally, enter your text ad and click Confirm when you are finally done.

However, using the Facebook playback ads for your game advertisement allows you to display your game using lead-in videos on the news feed. It also creates an interactive experience with players.

Facebook Game Ads- How to Make Money with Advertising on Facebook

Besides using the playback ads, you can as well monetize your game application to earn income. Moreover, to monetize your app, you need a gaming app that’s available on the Google Play Store or App Store. Also, a personal Facebook account, access to the app’s code to integrate the SDK, and your account details.

To monetize your gaming app:

  • You need to set up a Monetization Manager either with your existing business manager or a new one.
  • Then when you access Monetization Manager, select your platform and create your first Audience Network ad placement.
  • Next, access your access and integrate the Audience Network and placement on the manager.
  • Finally, you can fill out your payout information and send your app for review.

Since you’ve completed the action, you can start making money with the Facebook game marketing platform. Also keep in mind, that other option you can use in advertising your games on Facebook includes Lookalike Audiences and Rewarded Video.

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