Facebook launches “Inspiration” website with creative tools for ads

The social network Facebook has increasingly stimulated the pages and producers of content to sponsor their content. For this, under the motto of creativity, we have a new platform to stimulate new inspirational possibilities – Inspiration.

First of all, this is a new tool for the advertising industry. All this so that both the content producer and the end consumer can produce and receive something more creative. Something more captivating that flee to the usual parameters and status quo of advertising.

Therefore, Facebook has launched a new website called “Inspiration”. In practice, it is a new platform, a new site where it presents new inspirational and creative possibilities for the advertising industry.

Inspiration, the new Facebook site/platform

With this new creative space, Facebook demonstrates its commitment to creativity. Hereby providing more ability for producers/creators to build their ideas into Facebook’s family of applications. In short, it is a great tool to encourage its users to invest in the social network itself, this time with sponsored publications. Even so, the social network reiterates, above all, the commitment to help companies of all sizes to build excellent creative work. This is always able to promote results.

Promoted publications are a source of revenue for Facebook

Therefore, and firstly, the social network now offers a new “Inspiration” section, which in conjunction with Facebook Business offers creative examples to inspire those looking for the next big idea.

Secondly, the site also provides guidelines and resources to help you create ads that work for any business. In short, so that they have good repercussion with their customers.

You can access Inspiration here: facebook.com/business/inspiration 

Third, Inspiration includes examples of the best ads selected by the Facebook creative store. Well here’s a monthly ranking of the best performing video ads.

All this so you can see what kind of strategy is working for each company. However, you can also get creative guidelines for creating the most effective ads, such as branding tips and framing, and video duration recommendations.

The site also features such as Mobile Studio, the Creative Hub and the Ads Guide to make it easy to create great ads. In short, a whole range of tools for your sponsored publications to have the desired effect.

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