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How To FIX Apple iOS 11 Battery Problems After Upgrade on iPhone & iPad

The iOS 11 is already installed on more than a quarter of iOS devices available on the market, but not all of those who install it are satisfied that the gadgets is working in good condition.

How to fix if iPhone runs out of battery after upgrade to iOS 11

If your iPhone is experiencing this problem, do not worry because there are still measures to overcome it. This is what you can do to fix the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s while waiting for the future updates of Apple’s bug fixes.

The most thorough treatment is hardware

If your iPhone is an older version that is experiencing this situation, then you should probably buy a new device. The older the battery, the more likely it is to bottle after years of use.

However, if you do not have the financial resources to do so, then you can just replace the battery. Changing the battery will fix all the battery problems of the device.

If you own an iPhone 6s model, you may be eligible to replace the battery for free. You must bring your iPhone to a genuine Apple store to have staff check for warranty and replace batteries for free.


You need to take some time to check iOS 11’s settings changes. Apply the appropriate tweaks, which can improve the battery life on your iPhone without spending a penny. That’s what some more experienced iOS users do every year, and every time they upgrade to the new iOS.

You can start using Low Power Mode to extend the battery life. You can reduce the screen brightness on the phone and Auto-Lock time to ensure that the display consumes as little battery power as possible.

In addition, you need to check which applications consume battery power and whether you should uninstall those apps, at least until developers optimise those applications. You can also disable some features, including Background App Refresh and Location Services. These are useful features that you can use often, but if they consume battery power quickly, try turning off those features to see if they improve the situation.

All these changes can be made through Control Center (Low Power Mode) or in iPhone Settings.

Smart capabilities from Apple

Not long ago, Tim Cook boasted that the ability of AI and Machine Learning of the iPhone would allow it to optimise battery life to meet your needs. That’s another way that can save you battery life, but it’s out of your control. Let’s hope Apple will continue to improve it as it addresses the need for iOS 11 battery power.

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