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Forgot Android Lock Screen Password? Here’s How To Fix It

This article contains steps to take in order to unlock your android device on the off chance that you forgot Android lock screen password.

There are many security options to choose from these days. From password to PIN, to pattern, To fingerprint and lastly, the facial unlock. All these are made available to keep the contents of our device safe from Intruders. Google has also gone the extra mile to put certain things in place just to keep our phone safe. In case your phone mistakenly gets stolen and the person tries to unlock it.

Forgot Android Lock Screen password

For example, When a wrong password is inputted more than 5 times on an Android device, the device is put in Limbo like kind of place. In this place, not even the correct password will work in unlocking the phone. This is done to protect the data on your device from someone that is not you. But what if a friend or sibling tries to guess our password and ends up locking everyone out? Or you Temporarily forgot your password and tried the wrong too many times before remembering the right one?

Well, Google knows that as humans, we are bound to make mistakes and they have already put down some methods to follow in order to unlock and gain access to your phone again. We will be explaining said methods to help regain access to your phone.

Forgot Android Lock Screen Password? Here’s How To Fix It.

If your device has been locked due to typing in the wrong password or pattern more than 5 times then follow the steps below:

For Android 4.4 and Below.

⚫ First, Make sure the phone is Turned On.

⚫ Click On the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Pattern”.

⚫ Input the Name and Password of your Google Account Attached to the phone and Sign In.

⚫ A new window should pop up asking you to draw a new pattern or input a new password.

⚫ Input a new password or pattern and you are set.

⚫ Using the New Password or Pattern, You can now unlock your device.

For 5.0 and above.

⚫ Turn On Your Phone.

⚫ Click on the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Pattern”.

⚫ It will take you to a page where you will see a Security Question, Input the answer and Your phone will be unlocked. (The security question is the one you selected while setting up the security option to use)

If you can not remember your Google Account password or answer your Security Question then there might be another way. Unfortunately, we would have to pull out the big guns which involve losing the data and files on your device. Please Follow the steps below to unlock your device.

Turn Off The Device.

Boot In Recovery Mode by Pressing and Holding the Power Button and Volume Down Button simultaneously until it boots up.

The Following process might be different on some phones as all phones have different recovery modes, especially if you have flashed a custom recovery like TWRP or another type of recovery.

⚫ Locate and Click On “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.

⚫ Wait for it to finish Wiping and Reboot.

⚫ Password and every other thing on your device are gone and your phone is just like new again.


If you forgot Android lock screen password then the first method would obviously be the best which I myself have used so many times, thanks to my little cousin always messing with my smartphone. Only use the second method if you have forgotten your Google account login details.

In case you are having a hard time figuring out the process above, do not hesitate to drop a comment about it and I’ll be happy to help.

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