Google Assistant launches a new design

Material Design continues to gain presence in Android applications. Now it is the turn of Google Assistant, which launches a new design, which as you can imagine, has a greater presence of the principles of Material Design. What we find is a simpler, more minimalist and much cleaner interface in general.

Google Assistant launches a new design

The application of the assistant for Android phones adapts to the design that we are seeing in many Google applications. The company seeks to make the design of applications more uniform, something that is happening.

Google Assistant changes its design

The design that Google Assistant launches is cleaner in this case, besides being much more comfortable for users when using it. So it will allow you to move around in the application with much greater comfort at all times. You can access the various functions that it offers in a simpler way. Just access using the “Ok Google” command to see it.

This new interface is currently being deployed all over the world. Not all users have received it now, so if this has happened to you, nothing happens. It is a matter of time that will reach all users in these coming days.

Google Assistant will not be the latest application to change the design, as we are sure we will see other applications of the brand new design with the principles of Material Design, which will continue to gain the presence in Android. Have you received the new design?

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