Google Chromecast Audio has been discontinued

Google discontinued Google Chromecast Audio because the product was not as sought-after as imagined. However, I think the product just was not successful because the Mountain View company is bad at advertising.

Google is one of the best and largest companies in the world. The American company has improved our search as never before and lives on advertising without major competitors in sight.

However, it is far from perfect in marketing your hardware. Pixel smartphones continue to lack the prominence due. Your tablet few people know about and their physical products are usually bought by mere chance.

Google Chromecast Audio, an excellent gadget lost in the hands of a poor marketing team

That is, it was not because of Google Home advertising to say ” Hey, what’s the weather? “That you have decided that you will buy it. In fact, if you dress a publicity deserves a cup. Faster you find Wally than an advertising company from Mountain View.

Google Chromecast Audio is a perfect gadget. Or was! It was a cheap gadget that made any old column you had at home in a smart column. A column that you could pair with other gadgets to play together. A gadget that made you play music with a command on Google Home or through your smartphone. Now it’s all over!

The US company discontinued Google Chromecast Audio without a successor. The market also does not have another offer like this. There’s no gadget the same as Chromecast Audio with the same quality. End. 

That is, why did not the gadget sell out? Because Google does not know how to advertise. It is not strange since it is the brand that dominates the distribution of advertising on the internet.

Chromecast Audio was unable to target the audience. Nor to reach the homes of customers who had old columns.

The miracle of Chromecast Audio

It was rare (very rare) that I mentioned the “miracles” of this little gadget and that the person did not rush to buy a pair of them. That is why I am here. Chromecast made a difference in the market and in people’s lives. But one of the biggest companies in the world did not know how to advertise.

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