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Google Pixel Buds have two new gestures – now you can even turn them off! (photo)

The Google Pixel Buds are among the most curious launched recently by the Mountain View company accessories, which wanted to jump into the world of wireless headsets in an innovative and original way. Over the months, many users have requested some more features on the Buds and, finally, Big G has been happy with them today.

On the small wireless headsets, three new features are now available, which will make the user experience more enjoyable for those who use it intensively. The first is related to Bluetooth pairing between different devices, which is now easier and faster – to switch from one device to another, simply select the Buds from the Bluetooth menu of the second device, and the earphones will automatically disconnect from the first.

In addition, there are two new gestures, to be made on the right earphone – with a triple tap, you can turn on or off the Buds, while with a double tap  – manually set in the settings – you can switch to the next song during music playback.

These are small but interesting tools to manage even smarter these earphones with a very particular air, which we hope will be supported for a long time by Google.

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