HERE & Unity Bring Neo Tech to In-Car Mapping Concept

Sat Nav
Sat Nav

A new but incredible in-car sat-nav mapping system is coming, and it will make Google Maps look basic. reports on two companies coming together to create a next-generation in-car navigation system concept, and it looks amazing.

Although free mapping apps such as Google and Waze are very popular with drivers, as they take away the need to pay for map updates, the downside is that instead of a lovely big screen on your car dashboard, you may need to squint at a mobile phone in a car phone holder. At the same time, you hope that the phone doesn’t fall out of the holder.

According to the latest reports, traditional sat nav companies are reviving efforts to use the free map apps. TomTom Navigation for Automotive is a new system that offers cloud-based updates and offline mode. It was in the spotlight just last week.

Dash Map
Dash Mapping software

Now, a company called HERE, based in the Netherlands and supplying maps for some automobile companies, has teamed up with Unity, the successful video game engine that powers titles such as Pokemon Go and League of Legends. Together, these companies are planning to show off a new in-car mapping concept.

A video is seen in which a car dash had the map screen. The dashboard is a huge touchscreen. The city maps are 3D in design, and Unity’s engine enables them to be rendered in real-time.

This new technology is a futuristic, wide-screen navigation experience of a 3D map which demonstrates what can be achieved with the addition of a game-changing human-machine interface.

At present, HERE has mapped over 70 major cities in the US, Europe, and Asia, with plans to offer global 3D map coverage eventually, the company claims.


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