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How Can I Block Calls On Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

Are you fed up of picking calls you will rather stay away from? You are allowed to easily block phonecalls by making use of straightforward commands on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.

Instead of shunning unwanted calls on your own phone, you can just seamlessly block them by adhering to the easy instructions below:

How Can I Add A Number To My Block List On Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

Be aware that this feature might be named Call Blocking or Call Rejection, but they are still the same. The different names will depend on your network provider and the version of Android that is installed on the device.

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1. Access Phone Settings

Before anything else, launch your Phone app like you are about to make a phonecall. You will locate “More” in the upper right corner of your phone display. Click it and then choose “Settings.”

From “Call Settings,” swipe down to Call Blocking/Rejection and click on this option.

2. Block Calls

After that, from “Call Blocking/Rejection,” choose “Block/Auto Reject List.” Here, you will need to type in information for each call blocks. You can add to this list by doing this:

  1. Type in a phone number.
  2. Choose a contact from your “Contacts.”
  3. Choose a number/contact from your phone log.

3. Block Anonymous Phonecalls

Also, you can prevent all anonymous phonecalls to your device. Just ensure the switch for this feature is toggled on and all phonecalls from unknown or private nos will be re-directed to voicemail.

How Can I Block Calls Through Call Log On Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

Phonecalls can be blocked separately from your call log. This is a simple method and is very proper when used instantly after picking the call while things are still fresh in your brain.

1. Access Call Log

To block a particular call, get into your call log. This can be done by heading to your Phone application and launching it. Select the Call Log tab from your device options.

2. Block A Caller

Swipe down to the number you intend to block from your Call Log and click it. After that, click “More” in the upper right corner of the display and select “Add to auto reject list.”

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How Can I Remove Contacts And Numbers From Block Lists?

Did you mistakenly blacklist the wrong number or contact? Getting entries removed from your Block List is as simple as adding them.

1. Access Phone Settings

When it comes to unblocking numbers or contacts, launch your Phone application. Click “More,” which will be seen in the upper right corner of your display and choose “Settings” from the options that will be shown to you.

2. Unblock Caller

From Settings, click Call Rejection. Your call blocking menu will be visible on the display. After that, choose “Auto reject list” to view all your blocked numbers/contacts.

Swipe down to the contact or number you intend to get rid of from your blocked caller list. Get the contact removed from your Block List by clicking on “-” close to the entry.

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