How Do I Find My Ring Doorbell Serial Number

Every electronic device that you buy comes with a dedicated serial number, and this is also the case with Ring Doorbell. This string of characters is very distinct, and sometimes it is the only way to differentiate your own device from others.

Even if some owners never get to need their doorbell’s serial number, it is very wise to know this number. If you are not aware, anytime your doorbell vanishes, gets stolen, your serial number can definitely help in such situations. See the answer to your How Do I Find My Ring Doorbell Serial Number question:

Where Can I Find A Serial Number Of Your Ring Doorbell?

Most times, the Ring Doorbell serial number will be seen on the label at the back of the device. If you do not know where to look for it, simply adhere to these instructions:

  • Unpack your Ring doorbell.
Find Ring Doorbell Serial Number
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  • Turn the device to the backside (that is, opposite of the camera lens and the ring.)
Find Ring Doorbell Serial Number
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  • Search for the “S/N” line with a set of digits and numbers close to it. It should be way down on the device, under the barcode and the product label.
Find Ring Doorbell Serial Number
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Be aware that you should not confuse the serial number with the stock-keeping unit (SKU) number directly above it. You should only take note of just the set of characters close to the “S/N.”

What Does The Ring Doorbell Serial Number Look Like?

Your Ring Doorbell serial number consists of 16 digits. Also, it is separated into 4 sections that follow the same pattern for every product.

  • For the 1st edition of the device- “bhr4.” At times, you find small changes in newer versions of the device, like “bhrg4” for the Ring Doorbell 2.
  • 4 numeral characters.
  • “1hz” for Doorbell, “lh” for Doorbell 2.
  • 6 numeral characters.

Going by this pattern, your serial number will appear like this, “bhr45879lh987654.” The 1st and 3rd sections always look-alike, while the 2nd and 4th are never the same between different devices.

Why Do I Need A Ring Doorbell Serial Number?

A Serial Number is useful for so many reasons. For instance, if you wish to buy a second-hand Ring Doorbell device, you can simply check the serial number to confirm if it’s original or just a cheap and fake product.

The number also helps when it comes to theft. If your Ring Doorbell gets stolen, simply report it to the authorities. Once they nab the thief and find the device, the serial number is the best way to prove that it belongs to you.

You are done.

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