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How to Access Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy M20 device

Welcome, I won’t waste any of your time here, let’s dive into the tutorial. Firstly you need to:

  1. Switch OFF your device (phone).
  2. Now, hold and press ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Power’ buttons for some seconds.
  3. As the Samsung logo shows up on your screen, and then you can now leave the buttons you were holding.
  4. Now, you will see a Warning on your screen, simply press the Volume Up button in other to confirm.
  5. Now enter into the recovery mode.

This method is simple and it is the easiest method to reach the recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy M20 device. You need to press the buttons the way we mentioned above or else your device might just turn ON as it normally does. This method is mostly used among smartphones users.

Once you are in the recovery mode, there are quite a few actions that are necessary to perform for Android users. ‘Factory reset/Wipe data’ and Wipe cache partition are also among them. We can carry out these two actions to factory reset our device. If you notice that your device isn’t working well, then ensure to back up your device or else you might end up deleting your entire files.

This technique works all the time except your hardware keys are not working well. If the above method fails to work, then you can make use of the ADB commands, though the ADB commands require some preparations and time.

Boot Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy M20 using ADB commands

Fundamentally, ADB actually represents Android Debugging tool. The ADB commands were developed by Google for Android advances. ADB is mostly used by the Android developers and it not often used by normal users. Using this tool, we can change to different mode on any Android device anytime we want to. And most significantly, we don’t have to make use of the hardware buttons for that reason.

On the other hand, in other to get started with this technique, you will need to first prepare yourself. Here are the requirements to begin this method.

  • You will need a Windows-based laptop/computer.
  • You will also need a USB cable for connection purpose.
  • Now go ahead and Download the Samsung USB Drivers–here then install it on your laptop/computer. That ensures your device to be recognized by the laptop/computer.
  • Now switch on the USB Debugging on your phone.

If you have the above requirements. Now, follow the below steps to access the recovery mode on your device.

  1. Firstly, make sure you download the Minimal Android Debugging tool package from here. Then extract the content. Inside that folder, click on Run Me.bat file. This will show the ADB command prompt.
  2. Now, make use of the USB and connect your device to the laptop/computer.
  3. To verify whether your device is connected or not, type the following command. adb devices
  4. After that, type in the following command in other to enter into the recovery mode. adb reboot recovery

This method will get your device into the recovery mode. That’s all. You can drop your comments below.

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