How To Add More Fingerprint Patterns On Your Samsung Galaxy S10?


Samsung offers several different ways to make your Samsung Galaxy S10 safe. A PIN can be used or you can allow your smartphone to detect your face or fingerprint.

If your preferred option is the fingerprint reader, you might wish to scan more fingers to the Galaxy 10’s database, to help you seamlessly unlock the phone regardless of the hand you use to pick it up.

The amazing news is that you can save 4 fingerprints on your Galaxy device. If you have done just one so far, you are allowed to do 3 more.

How Can I Set Up Fingerprint Scanning On My Samsung Galaxy S10?

If you are yet to set up your Samsung Galaxy S10 for fingerprints, then you have to enable the fingerprint security feature and have your first finger scanned. If you’ve done this already, head to the section below for how to add more prints.

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  1. Launch “Settings.” and then click “Lock screen.”
  2. Click “Screen lock type” and type in your passcode when asked.
  3. On the Screen lock type page, click “Fingerprints.”
  4. Adhere to the instructions to scan your fingerprint. Decide on the finger you expect to use regularly, like the thumb of your right hand.
  5. When you are through with that, you will be able to include more fingerprints. To continue, click “Add” and you will be able to add 3 more fingers. Or, click “Done.”

How Can I Add More Fingerprints On My Samsung Galaxy S10?

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  1. Launch “Settings.” and then click “Lock screen.”
  2. Swipe way down on your screen, and under “Looking for something else?” click “Fingerprints.”
  3. Type in your PIN when are asked to.
  4. Click “Add fingerprint” and then adhere to the instructions to scan your fingerprint.
  5. When you are through, you will be presented the chance to include more fingerprints. If you wish to continue, click “Add.” or, click “Done.”

After adding various fingerprints, renaming them should happen so you can monitor them seamlessly and know which finger represents “Fingerprint 1” and the one that is for “Fingerprint 3.”

On the Fingerprints page, you will be able to rename a fingerprint by clicking on it.


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