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How To Apply And Start Making Money From Jumia Affiliate Program

If you know nothing about the brand, Jumia, it is simply an online company that provides lots of products for sale right at your doorstep.

With products ranging from electronics to beauty, to games and consoles, fashion items, power banks and laptops available on the online store, all your needs are covered by the platform.

If you are not aware, the website runs a partner program through which whoever help to sell their product will also earn a specific commission. See How To Apply And Start Making Money From Jumia Affiliate Program:

Apply Jumia Affiliate Program
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How Can I Join The Jumia Affiliate Program?

  1. If you want to become a Jumia affiliate, a blog or site is required with some decent traffic. To start, head to https://www.jumia.com/affiliate-program/ and tap “become an affiliate.”
  2. Fill up the brief application form to start earning commissions from Jumia.
  3. If you are accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation from Jumia with your account info. After that, you will be able to get yourself logged into your Jumia affiliate program account to generate the Jumia banners and text links that can be used in your blog or site.

How Can I Make Money Online From Jumia?

To make cash from Jumia Affiliate Program, you need to help Jumia in selling their products. You will then be paid when someone you refer to Jumia through your affiliate banner/link purchases something at Jumia.

If 5 thousand customers are referred to Jumia through you and no purchase was made by any of them, Jumia owes you nothing. Simply put, you need to sell and keep selling to earn and keep earning.

If you’ll be using banners, make sure you select banners based on your target audience and place them in very visible places on your blog. If you’ll be using text links to promote Jumia and products sold on it, use brief and descriptive texts that will entice lots of clicks.

Apply Jumia Affiliate Program
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You should also write about their products in your blog posts and embed your affiliate links in the posts. If you already have a blog post that talks about a product on Jumia, simply add your link to such post. However, stay away from adding links to unrelated posts, else, it could impact your ranking in Google search negatively.

Just focus on driving traffic to your blog and keep tracking your performance at the Jumia Affiliate program platform. As soon as you reach your payment threshold, you can ask for your earnings to be deposited into your bank account.

That is that.

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