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How To Clean Your iPhone’s Speakers Without Spoiling Them?

An iPhone’s speakers can attract dirt, dust, dead skin cells e.t.c, which will decrease its quality of playback and make calls more difficult to hear.

You might not believe but it is true, your iPhone could be one of your dirtiest properties.

Several mobile devices actually store more bacteria than you will see on a regular toilet seat, therefore, always ensure you wash your hands when you are done with texting and before having your meal.

Even if the several microorganisms that have taken over your phone are not visible, you should see the detritus taking over your iPhone speaker and decreasing the all important quality of your audio.

Cleaning your iPhone speakers from time to time is a wise move even when you are not battling the decreased sound quality problem, because any little dust, food, skin cells e.t.c that somehow gets into the little speaker holes at the bottom of your mobile device can go deep into the speaker, and even become tougher to bring out.

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Do not forget that if you are facing audio problems with an iPhone, the probability that the issue is software-related is high, powering off and on again can be the fix you want.

Also remember that you must never make use of any liquid (or compressed air) when you clean any part of an iPhone, most especially, the models that got released before the 7, because they are water-resistant and they come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack that will get damaged once it comes in contact with water.

How Can I Properly Clean My iPhone’s Speakers Without Damaging It?

1. Clean iPhone Speakers With A Soft Brush

The most appropriate way to get rid of dirt and dust from the iPhone is to make use of a brush with soft bristles, if you can get it, a little paintbrush is recommended. Ensure the bristles is trimmed down to a half-inch length to make sure you are in complete control.

Calmly brush across the speaker thoroughly, and see to it that you touch the long, thin speaker as much as possible. Make sure you do not drag the brush along the axis of the speaker. The more times you can get soft bristles into the speaker holes at the bottom of the device, the better.

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2. Clean iPhone Speakers With A Toothpick

If small pieces of detritus are seen in the speaker holes at the bottom of your iOS device, a sharp side of a wooden or plastic toothpick can be used to get rid of them. Get the tip in with a pressure that is not aggressive, after that, steadily tilt the toothpick till you remove the unwanted guest. Ensure every force is aimed sideways and then upwards, not down, in the direction of the device.

3. Clean iPhone Speakers With Painter’s Tape

A proper painter’s tape gets the job done as well. Make use of little bits of it, sticky side down, to get the dirt out of your phone’s speaker. When rolling it to resemble a point is accomplished, the painter’s tape also known as masking tape can be effective in removing dust and dirt from the speaker holes.

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