How To Deal With Email Bombing – Tips You Need To Know

Hearing the word Email Bombing what comes your mind? Email bombing is nothing order than an attack on your inbox that involves sending a massive amount of messages to your Email Account. Sometimes these messages are majorly confirmation messages either from Newsletters or Subscriptions. We discovered that the attackers use a script to search the internet for Forums and Newsletters and then signs up for an Account using your Email Address. They will equally send you a confirmation Email asking you to confirm your Address.

In order words, Email bombing can be said to be flooding an Email Server using too many Emails as an attempt to overwhelm the Email Server and bring it down but this is not our major priority. It is quite challenging to bring down modern Email Account that uses Google or Microsoft Server.


Reasons For Email Bombing.

We can say that Email bombing is a distraction used to bury an important Email in your inbox and hide it so that you will not get to see it. To elucidate more. An attacker who has access to your various Account like Amazon Account can order an expensive product for itself when this is done. The attacker knows fully well that the confirmation order of the purchase he or she made will be sent to your Mailbox, so to show how crafty they are, they now have to bombard your mailbox with irrelevant messages so that you will not get to see the purchase they made.


Not only shopping Accounts, if you own a Domain, but this craft attackers will also try their best to transfer it away if peradventure they happened to gain access to your Bank or any other Financial Service Account. You are gone because they will like to hide confirmation Email for financial transaction also by sending irrelevant Emails to your Mailbox and before you realized what is going on, it is already too late.

This crafty attacker has many reasons for Email bombing, it can also be used to gain full control of your Email address, once they keep on sending irrelevant information to the Mail, you can one day get tired of the Mail and decides to create a new one. With that, the attacker can take it over and use it for their purpose.


If you noticed that you are a victim to Email bombing, there are various precautions you need to take for you not to be fooled and dumped.

Check And Lock Down The Account: Log in to any of your shopping accounts, check your recent Order and if you realize that there is an order made without you knowing, kindly contact shopping Websites Customer Support.

We also realized that attackers can hide their order in your Shopping Account for you not to notice. In that regards you can check the Achieve Amazon Order by going to your Amazons Account Page, clicking on the Achieve Others under Ordering and Shopping Preferences. It is also advisable to remove your payment options entirely, with that if the perpetrator is still waiting to break into your Account and order something, they won’t be able to.

After you have checked your shopping payment Account, is also wise to double-check your Bank and Credit Card Accounts and look for any unusual activity. Contacting the financial institution to make them aware of the situation is also available. What they will do is to lock down the Account and help you find any unusual activity.

If you finally secure your Accounts, is the right time to deal with your Mail. The first thing you should do is to contact the Email provider. If you are on Gmail without a subscription You can create filters to clean out your inbox. Try your best to find something common in the Emails you are receiving and set a few filters to move them to Spam or Trash. In doing that just to be careful not to filter out Emails you do want to see in the process.

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