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How to disable push notifications on your PC browser

In this guide, we will be showing you how to disable push notifications on your PC browser. But first, we will have to understand what push notifications are. Web-based push notifications are those alerts you get from specific sites you’ve subscribed to upon opening your web browser or while using the web Browser. Websites use these push notifications to engage with their readers/viewers as a way to notify them when they have new content. This is similar to the email alert although more effective as most people hardly check their emails and spend a considerable amount of time using their web Browsers than they do checking their emails.

Push notifications are always a good way for website owners to build a relationship with their visitors/readers by promptly notifying them of new content. Now if you subscribed for the push notifications to stay Updated with the new content on the site then there is no problem. However, if you mistakenly Subscribed or no longer want to get the push notifications from any of those websites then there is a way to disable it.

How to disable push notifications on your PC browser

The process is different with each Browser so we will be taking it one after the other.

How to disable push notifications on Google Chrome Browser

  • Open the Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  • Next, Click on Advanced Settings or Show Advanced Settings.

  • When you get to the Advanced Settings, Scroll Down and Click on Content Settings.

  • Under Notifications, Click on Manage Exceptions.

  • You’ll be shown the list of websites that have access to send you to push notifications. Now if you would like to completely block the website from ever sending you notifications, you can simply click on the X icon in front of the website. You can do this for every other website you would like to block.

Here we explain step by step how to turn off the notifications.

  • If you would just like to temporarily stop the notifications, you can simply change the access from Allow to Block and if you change your mind in the future about receiving notifications from the website, you can follow the same steps and change it back to Allow.

How to disable push notifications on Firefox Browser

  • Open the Firefox Browser and Click on the Menu Option (Three lines at the top right corner of the screen)
  • Select Options from the drop-down menu and Click on Content from the Left column.
  • Now Click on the Choose button in front of Notifications.

  • You’ll be presented with all the sites that have permission to send you notifications. From here you can remove individual websites or use the remove all option to remove all the websites.

How to disable push notifications on Opera Browser

  • Open the Opera Browser and Click on Menu at the top left corner of the screen, just beside the Opera Icon.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down Menu and Click on Websites in the left column. Now Click on Manage Exceptions under Notifications.

  • A list of websites with permission to send you notifications will be shown to you. To temporarily stop those websites from sending you notifications, simply change their access from Allow to Block. To Remove them altogether, Click on the Red X button beside each website.

How to disable push notifications on Microsoft Edge

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge Browser and Click on the Menu Button (three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the screen)

  • Click on Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Settings Menu, Scroll down to the bottom of the list and Click on View Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Manage under Website Permissions. From here, you can toggle off the websites you don’t want to receive notifications from.

How to disable push notifications on Safari Browser

  • Launch the Safari Browser and Click on Safari from within the application bar.

  • Click on Preferences and Select the Notification Panel which will pull the list of websites you’re currently receiving notifications from.
  • Select the website you would like to remove and Click on Remove. You can also remove all by clicking on the Remove All option.


That’s how to remove or disable push notifications on any of your PC Browsers. If you’re making use of a totally different browser not listed above, be sure to drop the name of the Browser in the comment section down below and we will tell you how to go about it on that Browser.

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