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How to download Spotify Premium for free

One of the best music streaming services is undoubtedly Spotify. Every day millions of people use Spotify to listen to music wherever they are. A small “flaw” of the most used streaming service in the world, is the possibility of listening to music for free, without necessarily having to use the internet. To overcome this problem Spotify has implemented the Premium feature, which at the cost of a few tens of euros, allows you to save all the songs on the platform, with the ability to listen to them offline. Many, however, wonder how to have Spotify Premium for free. Let’s go step by step.

What is Spotify and how does it work?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Spotify is an app that offers music streaming services. It is the best known and one of the best to offer this service. You can listen to all the songs for free if you decide to have a basic account. Spotify also offers a premium service. But what differentiates a basic account from a Premium?

  • With the basic account, you have some limitations, such as the possibility of not choosing songs and having a random shuffle and offline streaming.
  • The Premium account allows you to choose which songs to listen to, but above all, there is the possibility of listening to music without an internet connection. The Premium feature, however, has a monthly cost of € 9.99.

Its operation, however, is very simple, based on the account you have, we listen to all the songs we want, downloading the application from the site.

How to download Spotify?

Many people wonder how to download Spotify on their iPhone, smartphone or PC? We immediately clarify a very important step, having Spotify a premium feature for a fee, does not mean that the download of the same, both paid. Spotify is present for all platforms in a totally free way, by clicking here.

Get if from Microsoft HERE.

How to create a Spotify account

To create an account on Spotify you will need:

  • Go to Spotify.com/signup ;
  • Enter your email, twice;
  • Enter the Password:
  • Enter a username;
  • After completing all the data click on SUBSCRIBE.

Registration can also be done via Facebook:

  • Go to  Spotify.com/signup;
  • Log in on Facebook and you will have created the account.

For new members, there is the possibility to try the Premium service in a totally free way. If registration is via smartphone, there will be the possibility to try Spotify Premium for free for 7 days. Going on ” Your Library ” and then on the settings (the gear), clicking on ” Switch to Premium ” and then on “start the free trial” you can take advantage of the free premium service for 7 days, without the thought of renewing. If you were to register via the Spotify website, you will be able to try the Premium version for as long as 30 days, as long as you insert a credit card. You will not be charged, but the only thing to do to prevent this is to eliminate the automatic renewal of Spotify Premium.

How to get Spotify Premium for free

There is only one way to get Spotify Premium for free and is to create a basic account, which allows you to listen to all the songs in shuffle mode and without the possibility of choice. To take advantage of the Premium version, you will have to pay a monthly subscription, which for university students is € 4.99 instead of € 9.99, with a 50% discount. There are other solutions to have Spotify Premium for free for example the ability to use  Spotify Web, or through a site, which allows you to have the service a few euros, of course in a completely legal.

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