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How To Earn Money With Microworkers Website In 2024

Earning cash online is something most people dream of doing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Not to worry, because there are several ways to make that happen and you only need the right websites to show you the way. In fact, earning cash via Microworkers website could be your best bet at the moment.

If you are not aware, Microworkers is simply a brilliant platform that links business owners and workers from across the globe. It is a site that aids you to make decent cash by completing a series of tasks. If you are still in school, or if you are a stay-at-home mother, a retired individual, a professional, you are allowed to join the website as a worker.

As a business owner, to get small tasks done, tasks like posting for your blog, reviewing your products, bringing traffic to your page, you can register as an employer on the site to do just that. As a worker, there are no restrictions to how many jobs you can accept. See How To Earn Money With Microworkers Website In 2021:

Earn Money Microworkers Website
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1. Sign Up:

As expected, you need to create an account by filling out all the required personal info. The details to be provided include full name, email address, password, and country of residence. Complete the registration details and tap “Submit.” To activate your account, it has to be verified. A verification email will be seen in your inbox, tap it and your account will be verified. Your registration is now complete.

2. Log In:

As soon as your account is created, get yourself logged in, and you’ll see the number of jobs available with their listed price. The job could be sharing Facebook links, writing articles, publishing e.t.c. The prices will be attached to the job, so you can choose to decline or accept.

3. Accept And Complete The Tasks:

As soon as you tap on any task, 2 options will be visible to you, they are “I am not interested in this job” and “I accept this job.” Tap the latter to view the details of what needs to be done, and the proof needed to show that you completed your task. This will vary according to every task surely. Adhere to the guidelines carefully and wrap up the task with the needed proof. As soon as you complete it, tap “I confirm that I have completed the task.” Within 24 hours, your submission should be checked by the employer.

4. Check Your Account:

Immediately the employer reviews or checks your completed task, it will be visible under “List of Tasks Finished.” Once it gets approved, and the job gets a “Satisfied” rating, your cash will be automatically credited to your account. To confirm, tap “My Account.” It will immediately reveal all your personal and transaction details, such as current account balance, bonuses, payment history and so on.

5. Withdraw Your Cash:

As soon as your earnings reach a specific limit, you’ll be allowed to withdraw. To make this happen, simply tap “Withdraw” from the top menu. After that, tap the “Place A New Withdrawal Request” link. You will be allowed to select any method of withdrawal and the amount. Most times, payment gets processed within 30 days after placing a withdrawal request. This link is home to all your withdrawal history.

Earn Money Microworkers Website
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Things To Remember As You Sign Up On The Microworkers Site?

  1. Never attempt to open more than one account. If you go against this rule, Microworkers will immediately terminate your accounts, ban your IP addresses, and forfeit all payments.
  2. While signing up, ensure you fill in your full, correct name and country of residence. As soon as you enter these details, they cannot be changed.
  3. Do not spam within the section where you will submit the proof of your job.
  4. To avoid email spam, it is better to maintain a separate email id for registration.
  5. Before you accept any job, check the “Done” section. This is because if a lot of slots are filled from the existing ones, you might receive a message that the job is “On Hold.”
  6. You can be rated “Satisfied” or “Not Satisfied” by employers. If you feel you have been rated wrongly for a job you completed successfully, access the “Task Details” page, and tap the “Submit a Complain” link. After checking your claims, your account will be credited with the amount due to you. However, if your rating was correct for a good reason, do not expect to be credited.

That is that.

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