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How To Embed a Google Sheets Spreadsheet Into a Google Docs

Hearing the name Google sheets and Google docs, what occurs to your mind? Google docs are simply tools that help you give your document smart editing and help you to format text and paragraphs. Whereas Google sheet is simply known as “data table” they are invented to organize series of information that our brain can’t recall, it helps to sort and label uniquely so we can reference it and do the calculation later.

Sometimes, you want to add data into a Google Doc or Slide from a Google Sheet. Irrespective of the fact that you can’t directly insert cells and rows from Sheets, you can create or make a table, chart, or slide, and then insert that into your Doc or Slide. Have in mind that, you can’t insert a Google Sheets spreadsheet directly into a Google Docs document.

Spreadsheets are a great way to lay out your data and crunch numbers, far easier to use than the default table tools in Google Docs.

How To Embed a Google Sheets Spreadsheet Into a Google Docs

Step 1– The first thing to do is to generate a chart in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can do this by speeding up your Google Sheets homepage and opening a new or existing spreadsheet.

Step 2– After inputting some information’s and storing it in a spreadsheet, select all the cells and take your cursor to Insert > Chart and click it. Choose a chart type, make any adjustments, and do any final customizations, then close Sheets–don’t marvel, Google saves after every step.

Step 3– when you are done in creating a chart in Google Sheets, fire up Google Docs and open a new or existing document to insert your chart. Take your cursor to “Insert,” point to “Chart,” and click on it and then click on “From Sheets.”

Step 4– From the list of available spreadsheets, select the one you want to use and then take your cursor to “Select.” and click on it.

Step 5– On the preceding window, you will see the list of any charts on that sheet that are available for import. Click one and then take your cursor to “Import.” and click on it.

Here is another option. Keep notice of that “Link to Spreadsheet” checkbox in the screenshot above? If you enable it, the chart in your Doc or Slide is linked/ directed to the original chart in your Sheet. Make some readjustment on your sheet, and you’ll see the chart in your Doc or Slide automatically updated to reflect those changes.

Disable that checkbox if you don’t want it to affect what you have already done; in that case, the chart is sort of frozen in time in your slide or sheet. If you want to update it, you must replace it.

If the link option is left enabled, at any time, you can click “Update” to sync the data in the chart or table with your Sheets document.

Because these charts save as images, one amusing quirk when using the insert feature is that if the original isn’t scaled or appropriately sized to see all information, some information points could become cut-off when updating it.

If for any reason you don’t like your chart updating and linking to your Sheets document anymore, click a chart, then take your cursor to the chain icon, and click it, then again on “Unlink” to remove the linking feature.

NOTE– Your table won’t update automatically if you change or edit something in Google Sheets, so you will need to remember to copy any changes and add them to your Google Docs document, too.

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